Turbo Stroker Review

Far be it for anyone to accuse me of being greedy with my sex-toy choices. Oh no! As much as I possibly can, I solicit toys that can be used by my partner. I do this not only for the sake of variety, but also because watching them get off is just cool.

First a quick description. The Turbo Stroker looks like a very large pepper grinder. Removing the upper half-inch of the black portion exposes a nifty battery cradle, which made powering up the device easy. A set of simple buttons allow the user to increase speed of stroking and strength of vibration.


I gave the Stroker a bit of a dry run. Even with nothing inside the nubby gray sleeve, it moved up and down less than an inch. I wanted to get an idea of the suction power the product could generate, so I gamely stuck it to my stomach.

Nothing. I felt no suction whatsoever. Hm, I could have sworn the box promised suction. I checked back. The box actually to help the user “get it up,” which I guess isn’t the same as suction. However, the Stroker does generate ample vibration. Ample LOUD vibration. Even alone in the house I felt certain someone could overhear.

Turbo Stroker Male Masturbator

But I still held on to some hope that my guy would enjoy it. Once I had him in bed, I got him hard in my usual inimitable fashion, drizzled a good water-based lube all over him, and slid the sleeve down over his shaft.

At first he said it felt great. We turned on the vibrations gradually, and he got that look on his face. You know the look, right? The look like your partner is about to eat you alive? Yep, he had that look. But once we turned on the stroking function, that look turned to confusion.

Confusion, because the stroking did essentially nothing. Even on the highest speed it did little more than jiggle around the tip of his penis. It did NOT move up and down over his shaft. Not even a little bit.

And the noise, oh boy the noise. With my partners dick sunk deeply in the sleeve, the male masturbator sounded like a vacuum cleaner. You would not want to use this in a house with roommates. Unless you wanted them to giggle and point outside the door.

Furthermore, the Stroker did not fully accommodate my partner’s size. Even jamming it all the way in, he had a good 2″ overhang. An average-to-smaller sized penis will fit, but anything larger will be left out in the cold.

You might expect that something designed for average length would also feature average girth. Instead, the Stroker sleeve is a solid 2″ wide. Most men are not 2″ wide. In other words, don’t expect a very tight fit with this product.

As if all this weren’t enough, we managed to break the toy twice in our very short testing session. Twice his less-than-enthusiastic thrusting dislodged the top of the sleeve from its attachment to the motor. We were able to reattach it both times, but that really wasn’t what we wanted to be doing right then.

There are many amazing, unique, quality sex toys out there. Unfortunately, the Turbo Stroker just isn’t one of them.