Odeco Totoro 10 speed massager review

I have kindly been sent the Odeco Totoro 10 speed massager by Odeco, to review

The Totoro is a unique clitoral massager, cute, compact and has a face that lights up! I kid you not! As you can see by the photo above, it simulates a rabbit. No, not this rampant rabbit lark, just the ears and a cuteish face but with an added kick!

The Totoro is made from 100% medically graded silicone with an ABS base (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), it’s got a little bit of weight behind it which I feel, makes it easier for you to use. There is a motor within each ear of this product. Unlike other rabbit toys, where the ears just seem to flick, these ears have a good bit of power inside them. The Totoro is also non-porous, latex and phthalates free, making this a perfectly safe toy to play with.

This product is rechargeable, so no need for batteries. It comes with a 3 pin plug, that has a female end which is inserted into the back side of the Totoro.

It is splash proof, no water proof, the charger hole does reseal it’s self but I wouldn’t do submerging this bugsy in a bath, any time soon.

There are 10 settings that you can cruise through, 7 pulses and 3 vibrations. To switch this toy on, press the right eye button. To switch through the different pulses/vibrations, again select the right eye. The left eye allows you to revisit the previous mode you were on. As the you go through each mode, the Totoro’s eyebrows become apparent. They light up in time with the pulses/vibrations, now some say it is like this bunny is moving through stages of excitement but to me, he/she looks slightly angry/worried, although it is somewhat entertaining, I must admit. To switch the Totoro off, hold down any of the eye buttons for 3 seconds. Below is a quick demonstration video;

To clean, it is pretty easy; hot soapy water and a clothe will do just fine. However, there is a ridge that goes around the base of the Totoro, I found that using a cotton wool ear bud was easier to use on this part.

The Odeco Totoro retails for around £47.99 GBP but you can purchase it over on www.sextoys.co.uk ( click here ) for £39.95 GBP’s.
The Totoro comes in a square black box, with a plastic see-through window on the front, displaying the toy in full view. On one side of the box, it has the product’s features, on another side, it tells you what the toy is made from. The product packaging is simple but effective, there is nothing tacky about this, it pretty much let’s the toy speak for it’s self.

To use, I found that I needed to use a water-based lubricant (you shouldn’t use a silicone based lube, as this can have a reaction with the silicone toy) . The vibrations/pulses were pretty effective, in fact, I was smiling like the Cheshire cat! As as clitoral stimulator, it does a pretty damn good job. Having a toy that basically just has the ‘ear’s that you could control, was a good experience in my eyes. The ears are tough little soldiers that work hard on your behalf, although I did have to fiddle about to find the button. I could hold the Totoro in the palm of my hand, with a firm grip, leaving me in control. The ears are flexible, so no need to worry about this toy being too stiff.

It is advised to charge the Totoro for 2hrs; I found that I got a good hour to 75 mins out of it before having to recharge the toy.

As for the price, £39.95 GBPs for a high quality sex toy that gets the job done, whilst saving money on batteries, just isn’t arguable! You are defiantly getting a bargain with the Odeco Totoro.

The only thing that I would like to see different, would be for this product to have bigger buttons, other that that I can’t really fault this as a sex toy. Also, I would like to have seen this product coming with it’s own dust cover/storage bag.