The S8 Vanilla Flavoured Lube 50ml Review

Flavoured lubricant can make or break an oral sex session depending on how important flavoured lube is for you.

If I have a good flavoured lube I go to town, happily lapping up my delectable treat, breathing in the aroma, and running my tongue giddily over my partner whilst I challenge myself to lap everything up until the flavour is all gone.

It’s a great experience.

A shit lube, on the other hand tastes foul in the mouth which then wrecks the mood, might require cleaning off, and is generally undesirable in every way.

So lube matters.

With that in mind, I’ve always been quite discerning when it comes to oral lubricants and I don’t take them lightly, so flavoured lubes beware when they meet the Peach.

The S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube 50ml is one I hadn’t heard of before encountering it at, but I was intrigued. I like vanilla but you can fuck vanilla up pretty easily, so it’s always risky for a company to opt for a vanilla flavour.

So how did this lubricant weigh up to my tastes and standards?

Let’s find out.

The S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube 50ml

Now, back to the lube.

S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube 50ml

The S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube is an oil and fat-free, water-based lubricant which is primed for oral use which mean anything that involves lapping up a sweet treat. Whether you decide to apply it to genitals and go to town or apply it on the nipples, or other areas of the skin and then subtly and playfully work your way down this lubricant aims to keep you covered (sometimes literally).

This lubricant has a sweet surprise in store.

The S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube has no sulphates, no parabens, is gluten free, has no added colours, and prides itself on being kind to the skin and medical grade.

I can attest to the consideration given here, as I have very sensitive skin and have not had a reaction with this lubricant, which I count as a clear success in terms of this lubricant’s goals.

The S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube is rather thick, which is not something I often look for in an oral lubricant. It comes out in a happy blob and spreads in a semi-gloopy manner which, in turn, means it actually lingers quite well during oral performances. This lubricant can hold the test of the tongue, but it can also be a tad thick and overwhelming at times depending on what you want.

I wouldn’t say it was the most ideal for switching from oral sex to hand-based activities either but, fair play, it’s not going for that, so I’ll give it to S8.

Because it is water-based, the S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube is condom-friendly and works well with all toys without causing a reaction with the material.

The ingredients of the S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube are as follows:

Glycerin, aqua, hydroxypropyl guar (that explains the thickness), propylene glycol, panthenol, sodium saccharin, citric acid, aroma (flavour).

Now, I’m not necessarily a fan of saccharin in lube, as it has been known to cause UTIs in some very sensitive people. But, again, I tend to have quite sensitive skin and am prone to UTIs and I haven’t had a reaction to this lube so I’ve gotta give it to S8 there then.

Intimate Lubricants, consistency is key

Now, consistency is important for flavoured lubricants but so is the scent and the flavour.

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A thick lubricant keeps you lapping up for a long time (yet is still easy to clean off).

The scent of this lubricant is subtle. Not the most abrasive of aromas (despite ‘aroma’ being on the ingredients list) and quite acceptable during use.

The flavour is…interesting.

Now, I like vanilla and, for me, vanilla should be rich, decadent, sweet, but with a little bit of a smoky burn that balances things out.

This is not that type of vanilla.

It is much more akin to vanilla ice cream instead of vanilla itself.

This is nice. Some people really, really like vanilla ice cream and the S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube has got the flavour down to a fine art. When I taste this lubricant it’s like I’m having a Mr. Whippy, Cornetto or a similarly sweet ice creamy treat…but it’s not strictly ‘vanilla’ in the purest sense.

I only mention this because if, like me, you have quite strong ideas about what pure vanilla should taste like then the mild sweetness of the S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube might throw you off guard and might not be what you’re looking for.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the many people that adore vanilla ice cream then this lubricant is a jackpot.

I toyed for a while with whether or not this lubricant had a chemical tang to it but, no – it’s just that I can detect that artificial sweetness that is so akin to vanilla ice cream and, as someone who doesn’t have ice cream often, it threw me off. As a precaution I actually had someone else sample it and all they said was how much it really did remind them of the sweet familiarity of their favourite coned treat, which bodes very well for the S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube.

In terms of downsides, I struggle to find any outside of the thickness of this lubricant, which might deter those looking for a slightly more diverse oral lubricant.

Some oral lubricants like to keep options very open, others don’t. The S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube is not punching to be a jack of all trades and I can appreciate that. What I will say is that the thickness is great for buffering strong toys or vibrators, so it has that going for it too.

Final Thoughts

The S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube might not have hit the taste buds that I wanted it to, but it’s a fine lubricant which is very body and skin aware and knows exactly what it wants to do.

This lubricant is a dessert-type treat which will go down very well with many different users and which has performance on its side.

Sure, it has its limits, but what product doesn’t? None of those limits exist within the intent of the product and so I’m happy to put them aside as personal preference.

Overall I can easily recommend the S8 Vanilla Flavored Lube, just not if you’re a vanilla purist along my lines.

Sometimes, I just like to lap up a smoky afterburn.

Recommend to:

People who like thick lubricant.

People who like ice cream.

People who have sensitive skin.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer less sweet vanilla.

People who prefer thinner oral lube.

People who know they react badly to the ingredients.

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