Tenga Flip Hole Black Review

Tenga makes some of my absolute favorites when it comes to male masturbators. Tenga Flip Hole black is the most popular type and with good reason.


Tenga Flip Hole are masturbators that really stand out. Unlike the countless products from Fleshlight and Fleshjack, Tenga does not imitate real body parts or try to emulate real intercourse. Instead they focus on providing a highly stimulating and unique sensation in a simple and discreet design. They manage that feat very well. In addition to all this, the hinged design makes it incredibly easy to maintain.

Flip Hole is available in red, silver, white and black. All of them offer a unique texture and firmness. Apart from this, they are all very similar. They are the same size as the Flip Lite US. That means they have enough space for most of us. The total length is 17.5cm and the width is 7.5cm.

It has an outer case made of hard plastic and the two halves are connected by a hinge in the short end. They are held together by a clip of some sort that slides onto tracks on either side of the masturbators. This also act as the top cover when the masturbators is not in use. Tenga Flip Hole is unique in the way that they have openings on each side allowing the TPE to expand. These openings have three buttons used for increasing pressure where you want it. It works really well and allows for pinpoint tightness where it feels best.

The texture in Tenga Flip Hole black is really amazing. While the white one is a soft and gentle cloud of squishiness that massage the entire shaft, the black one focus more or less on the head of the penis. It has countless flaps, ridges and nodules and it is also noticeably firmer than the white. By all means – both are incredibly soft and comfortable to use. The feeling can also be further customized by different lubricants. Remember to stick with the water based types.

Passing through the firm triangular flaps and continuing into the end orb feels fantastic. Even shallow trusts are pleasurable. The opening is the same as the other Flip Holes, fairly tight with the hole itself closed by two flaps. This also keeps lube and other stuff from dripping out.

Tenga Flip Hole Black

Cleaning is incredibly easy, as the masturbators splits open. I also like that the material is transparent so that it’s easy to see when it’s clean. Water is enough to rinse it clean. Be careful not to use soap and harsh toy cleaners.

The TPE that Tenga use is not sticky and almost odor free. It is also not oily feeling like some of the transparent Fleshlights are. As the material is porous and not antibacterial it’s recommended to replace Flip Holes after a year or so. It can last much longer if you clean it well. When it starts to turn yellow or smell it is time to get a new one.

Tenga Flip Hole Black overall

This is a very solid and stylish product with an extremely stimulating texture. And it is super easy to clean. I don’t think I can ask for more from a Tenga Male masturbator. The black Tenga is simply fantastic! It instantly replaced the white one as my favorite. It is a good deal more intense and focus more one stimulating the head. It does not provide as different sensations from each half as the white one does, but that doesn’t matter! Tenga also includes three generous lube samples that are perfect for travel. Also, Tenga’s lubricants are pretty good too.

If you only want one masturbator I believe it has to be this. Or the white one for a softer experience. It slightly surpasses Flight by Fleshlight because of the ease of cleaning.

This is the best Tenga I have tried. Highly stimulating and a little firmer than their other products. The awesome texture feels focused on the head of the penis and helps create satisfying orgasms.

Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator