OhMiBod Wanderlust: Be Still, My Tacky Heart

Let’s just get it out in the open: The OhMiBod Wanderlust is one of the tackiest luxury vibrators I’ve ever seen, and I actually really like that about it.

See, I have “bad” taste. I like bubblegum pop of the 90s. Two of my favorite movies are Clueless and Legally Blonde. I watch a lot of Jaclyn Hill videos while I hula hoop. My hula hoop itself has neon pink and sparkly gold tape on it. So this wand? To me, it’s total #aesthetics.

You, of course, are welcome to disagree.

But, looks aren’t everything. How does the OhMiBod Wanderlust perform?

The thing that really ramps up this wand’s tacky factor is its heart-shaped head, but there’s actually something really redeeming about that shape. You can use the divot to cradle your clit, for one thing. Or, hold the wand at an angle and make use of the smaller surface area of the heart’s bumps to get a narrower, more direct vibration pathway. Of course, you can also just use it like your average wand.

With respect to the motor, it’s no slouch. If vibration is a spectrum from true buzzy (1) to true rumbly (10), this is towards the rumbly side of the middle (6). Like many toys, the vibrations tend to be more rumbly at lower speeds and a bit buzzier at higher speeds. This is actually the kind of vibration that my body really likes.

The OhMiBod Wanderlust has 6 speeds and 7 functions. Each of the 7 functions is adjustable by speed as well, which makes for a total of 42 different settings. Even though I’m not much for patterns, I really appreciate the way that you can customize your settings on this toy.

Personally, I really liked it on the lower settings (1-3), held at a 45 degree angle so it provided fingertip-point vibration. Of all the wands I’ve used, the OhMiBod Wanderlust has brought me to orgasm faster than any other, and the orgasms themselves have been super satisfying.

Build Quality and the Flaw

The Wanderlust’s head is coated in a velvety smooth silicone that’s just a touch more grabby (read: produces more friction) than L’Amourose’s. The body is made of ABS plastic and coated with a velvety polyurethane. Essentially, the wand is made of silicone where it really counts. It’s also waterproof and rechargeable via an impale-style charging port at the bottom of the handle.

Regarding size and shape, the OhMiBod Wanderlust is much less unwieldy than either the Doxy Wand or the Magic Wand Original. It weighs in at .5lb whereas both Doxy Wands and the Magic Wand tip the scales at 1.2lb minimum. So, if you have limited upper body strength, Wanderlust might be easier for you to use. I personally find it a lot easier to hold and to move around, which is a selling point for me.

The control pad on Wanderlust is alright, but it’s nothing to write home about. I find it kind of challenging to change settings when I’m actually using the wand simply because of how close the buttons are to each other. You press and hold the ~ button to turn the toy on or off, and a single tap on that button will change modes. + and – are located next to each other and while it is pretty easy to feel the recessed symbols on the pad, I think I would have preferred individual buttons. I will say that the control pad gives the toy a more streamlined look, so I suspect it was chosen for aesthetic reasons.

Okay, here’s the problem: It’s loud, but it’s not consistently loud. As in, it tends to shift into these loud buzzing moods for seemingly no reason. I’ll adjust the speed and it’ll be fine for a moment, but then the loud buzz begins again. Sometimes, if I hold it just right and put some pressure on the head, it stops that infernal buzzing. But I don’t like a lot of pressure when I’m getting off, so that’s not really useful for me. I’m not sure if every unit does this, but until I know, I don’t recommend the OhMiBod Wanderlust to anyone looking for a whisper quiet orgasm experience. That said, I’m able to tune it out if I focus or if I put on some music.

Who should buy an OhMiBod Wanderlust?

If you like wands but you want something smaller and easier to hold than the Magic Wand Rechargeable or the Doxy, definitely consider the Wanderlust. If you don’t mind noise and wand a pretty powerful vibe capable of cradling your clit and surrounding it with vibration, Wanderlust. If you love tacky things but also like a good motor, Wanderlust. If you’re into that lg aesthetic, I think Wanderlust might really appeal to you.

Finally, I wish I could recommend it for travel but Wanderlust doesn’t have a travel lock, so unless you can secure it in a case it isn’t the best travel vibrator out there.

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