Sensuous Sweet Touch Kissable Massage Oil Review

Water based massage oils that are flavored and edible does seem like a good idea. And these ones from Sensuous smells delicious as hell. Tough I’m not sure that’s enough.


The Sensuous Sweet Touch oils come in 7 different flavors. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Creme Brulee, Irish Cream, Tiramisu and Blueberry & White chocolate. They are made with natural flavors and very few additives.

Raspberry: Water, Sugar, Concentrated raspberry and other fruit juice, natural flavoring.

Creme Brulee: Water, Sugar, Flavoring: cocoa, coffee and hazelnut extract, Coloring: caramel 150A, Acidifying agent: citric acid, preservative agent: 202.

While the some of the ingredients are a bit cryptic, I notice that it is mainly water and sugar. This would also explain the texture and glide of the oil itself. More on that later.

Sensuous Sweet Touch

The bottles are nice and simple cones filled with 125ml of the stuff. I do not like that the top does not have a spout of some sort. Under the screw cap, the top is fully open. It makes getting out the right amount messy and difficult – Further complicated by the fact that it is quite runny and spills easily.

I must compliment Sensuous for making deliciously smelling massage oils (not really oils, but that’s what they are called). I have tried their Raspberry and Creme Brulee flavors. While they do smell good, the taste is not on the same level. It just tastes far less than it smells, and the sweeteners overpower the taste. Leaving me with a sensation of tasting sugary water, with some artificial sweetener taste on top of that. Well, I don’t see why this should stop me from enjoying a nice massage. After all – it is water based. I thought this would make it slick while being easy to clean and non sticky if left alone for a while.

First of all, it isn’t very slick. It separates, almost like water based lube on silicone toys. It sort of clumps together and it feels like smearing thin honey on the skin. Yes honey! To get rid of the somewhat draggy feeling I must use quite a bit, and this just adds to the next issue. It gets sticky as hell. Even if you manage to eat everything off your partner, a shower is really necessary to enjoy any other acts of pleasure without sticking together with sheets, blankets and partner(s). A wet towel does not clean well enough as it clings to the skin like its life depended on it. Even after showering, it feels kinda sticky. I learned that soap and water is a must. Please keep in mind that there are some consistency differences. The Raspberry one feels much slicker than the Creme Brulee one.

I feel really bad for saying this, but for being massage oils, these aren’t good or very fun to use. I can admit that the flavor adds a bit to the experience and it doesn’t taste half bad, but I just can’t see this adding to the romance in our relationship.

Some people might enjoy it, but I still keep cringing by the thought of any close contact when being slathered with this stuff. Maybe it’s just me being inexperienced – I guess similar products face the same issues, and these may not be bad at all. But this is not something I’d look for if I wanted some sexy time with my partner.