Tantus Gary and Uncut #2: The Squish of Dreams

One might think that because I’ve been writing about sex toys for over four years now, I would have some kind of ultra-elaborate routine – a set-up fit for a queen. In a way, I do: I have something like 75 toys to choose from at any given time. I have a few shelves – and more than a few boxes – dedicated to displaying and storing all of my sex toys. I have a lube for every occasion. But when you get down to it, I’m a very lazy masturbator at heart.

Dual Density O2 and the Lazy Squish

A few months ago, Tantus generously sent me both the Uncut #2 and Gary dildos, both of which belong to their Dual Density O2 line. The two look deceptively similar, but I can honestly say that I have a clear favorite between them. (We’ll talk about that in a bit.)

Dual Density is the term that Tantus uses to refer to their toys that are made with sturdy inner cores of firmer silicone and SuperSoft outer layers of plushier silicone. It’s an involved process to create a toy like this, but if you’ve ever squeezed one, you will immediately understand why it’s worth it. It’s simply one of the most realistic silicone combinations on the market. If you’ve been searching for a hyper-realistic cock, this line is for you. And yes, they do come in multiple skin tones.

Now, as a supremely lazy masturbator, I like toys that don’t require massive amounts of effort on my part. There’s a time and a place for thrusting, and for me, that’s when someone else is doing it. I work out; I don’t need my jack-off sessions to be physically demanding.

…which is why inserting a Dual Density dildo and then clenching around it while I use a vibrator externally is the best damn thing ever. The squish of the SuperSoft outer layer plays so nicely with my pelvic floor muscles, while the firm inner core ensures that I still get some resistance to create a delightful sensation of fullness.

Gary versus Uncut #2

Having used both several times now, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that I personally prefer the Uncut #2. I don’t think it’s a universally better dildo by any means, though.

Gary: Pros and Cons

Neither Gary nor Uncut #2 are massive dildos. I would consider them average, although they are a bit bigger than the average penis (statistically); Gary is 7 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.

While the Uncut #2 can be considered a textured dildo, Gary is very textured. Despite the SuperSoft outer layer, I can still feel all of that texture when the dildo is inserted. If you’re a texture fiend, this could well be a pro for you. For me, it was uncomfortable, possibly because of how matte and draggy Tantus’ silicone is. When thrusted, it produced way too much friction for me. Even with a hefty dose of body-safe lube, this wasn’t my favorite dildo experience. Plus, the texture makes it kind of difficult to clean. Tantus recommends boiling this dildo or running it through the dishwasher, because getting into all the nooks and crannies is a challenge.

To whom would I recommend this dildo? If you’re looking for lots of texture, unparalleled realism, and a bit of extra length, you might really like Gary.

Uncut #2: Pros and Cons

As stated above, Uncut #2 is not a dildo for size enthusiasts. It’s 6.4 inches long and 1.6 inches in diameter at its widest point, although its head to shaft ratio is larger than that of Gary.

The slightly bulbed head combined with the much more subtle texture that makes the Uncut #2 a clear winner for me.

The first time I used it, I mistakenly thought it was nothing special. I believe I tried to just thrust with it, probably half-assing the motion as I usually do. But this kind of dildo isn’t the Pure Wand, and it’s not necessarily meant to be a mind-blowing experience by itself. Unless you’re massively into penetration and you’re just looking for something to facilitate solo or harnessed penetrative sex, you’ll probably want to combine this dildo with another toy or other form of external stimulation.

I can hear you now: “If I need another toy to enjoy this one, then what’s the point?”

The point, reader, is combining awesome sensations to build an even better orgasm.

For me, popping this dildo in so that the bulb sits against my G-spot, then turning most of my attention to clitoral stimulation results in some unbelievable orgasms. If I’m using a good, powerful vibe clitorally, then just a little movement with the dildo goes a long way. Very quick, shallow thrusts are good. I even find that tapping on the base produces a nice shock of movement that prompts my muscles to contract. And when I do reach the point of orgasm, having something awesomely squishy to squeeze makes the sensation last a lot longer.

So what’s the catch? Similar to Gary, the Uncut #2 can be a bit challenging to clean. It’s a little more high-maintenance than your average untextured, hard silicone dildo. Is it worth it? For me, yes. The only other con is that I noticed that my Uncut doesn’t have a perfectly flat base, so it doesn’t stand very well on its own.

All that said, I absolutely love the Uncut #2 and highly recommend it.

In conclusion…

Go for Gary if you’re a texture fiend who likes realism and just-above-average size. Go for Uncut #2 if you’ve always fancied an uncircumcised dildo, like realism with a bit less texture, or prefer a more bulbous head. If neither sounds quite right for you, Tantus has a ton of other options in their Dual Density O2 line.