The Big Foot Case Review

The Big Foot Case from For Your Nymphomation will solve almost all of your sex toy storage needs.

At about the size of a standard toiletries case, the Big Foot Case will easily round up a whole family of vibrators, dildos or other fun accessories. The base consists of a large open area with two pockets and two elastic loops lining the sides. The product’s lid houses another elastic loop, perfect for a rolled up hand towel, piece of lingerie or one last sex toy.


The Big Foot Case is considerably deeper than many other toy storage cases. This is a really nice characteristic because you can store bottles of lube or massage oil standing up, reducing the chances that you’ll end up with hot-cinnamon-scented butt lube all over your entire toy box, if you know what I’m saying.

Sex Toy Storage Solution

A tiny silver lock decorated with the company logo is included, as is a pair of keys. The zipper pulls are glow in the dark, which is just insanely useful if you’re gettin’ busy in the dark and you need the very last condom from your Big Foot Case. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience here. Nope. Just surmising.

Currently, my Big Foot contains: Chemistry IV, a small bottle of lube, a metal box filled with condoms, one glass buttplug, two glass dildos, a large silicone vibrator, a wooden dildo, a silicone dildo, a leather dildo, a rubber whip, and a set of silk bondage scarves in a carrying bag. Oh, and a cock ring with its recharger.

Some might call this excessive. I call it “a good Tuesday night.”

One criticism I had in the past with FYN’s cases was the locking mechanism. It was unfortunately not the most secure thing in the world; simply twisting one small jump ring would allow the lock to slide right off.

I’m happy to say that this flaw has been rectified in the new generation of FYN cases, including the Big Foot. Four small sturdy metal loops slide together, ensuring that the lock cannot be pried off. This makes the case much less vulnerable to attacks by curious children or in-laws.