The Rianne S Matryoshka Review

The Rianne S Matryoshka is a feminine shaped clitoral massager, with a powerful secret.

This cute little sex toy is brought to us by the company Rianne S, who are a Belgium based company.

There is nothing cheap looking about this product, from it’s outer packaging to the storage box to the actual toy. You can tell from the off start that there has been a lot of thought put into this product by its designers.

The Matryoshka is made from 100% premium silicone with an ABS base (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is non-porous, contains no phthalates or latex and is also a hypo-allergenic product. All in all, basically, this toy is 100% body safe and even better, this little beauty is 100% water proof, upto a depth of 1 meter.

I was actually taken-aback, when I opened up my parcel to find this sleek looking white and black rectangle box. It felt like Christmas had come early, with an exciting present awaiting my anticipation to be ripped open at 100mph! But I needed to be careful, didn’t want to ruin my new play toy.

The front of the box is a dark purple, with gold embossed writing scribed across the front, simply saying ‘Rianne S’. The back of the packaging is white, with a picture of the product, it’s cover, the company’s name and stating that it is a water proof rechargeable massager. On one side of the box is an elegant photo of a lady holding the toy in one hand and on the other end of the box is the product information that surrounds an outline of the toy it’s self. I can’t really fault the outer packaging, it has everything there to see, tells you that it’s body safe, silent, use internally and externally, the variations of speeds and patterns.

Removing the inner box, I was greeted with what only I can describe as pure elegance. A purple matte box that opens up to a velvet interior, which comfortably holds the Matryoshka and it’s casing. Inside the box, you will also find a lovely satin type dust cover bag, a manual booklet, the charger lead, the product’s warranty card and a small product booklet of other items in the Rianne S range.

This product is rechargeable; all you need to do is plug the female insert into the back of the rounded base and you’re ready to charge. Just place the actual toy on-top of this base and it will charge. You can place the plastic covering over the toy, whilst it charges. You could charge this product anywhere, without people realizing what is in there!

The Matryoshka has an hour glass figure and feels very smooth. It’s pretty easy to use too; to switch on, press the bottom button once, to switch off, hold the bottom button in for 3 seconds. The bottom button also works through the 5 speeds, from a medium vibration and if you click through all 5 levels, you will end up on the strongest vibration, which is guaranteed to shake a tail feather or two. The top button allows you to move through the 5 different pattern variations ( 1 vibration and 4 pulsations). And to top it off, the variations differ when you move through from the lower speed to the higher speed, this would make it in total 5 patterns, 25 variations of those patters and 5 speeds………………that’s a whole load of rocking vibrations to take in, don’t you think?

When you are using this product, a purple light will switch on that is situated below the controls.

As it’s 100% premium silicone, you should be able to use silicone, gel, water and oil based lubricants. However, to be on the safe side and to keep your toy in top-top shape, I would only use a water-based lubricant.

It is also very easy to keep clean, no annoying indents to dig into. Simply wash with hot soapy water or with an anti-bacterial toy cleaning spray. Once it has dried, always return it to it’s storage bag and box, this will help the longevity of your Matryoshka.

This product measures 3.5″ x 2.1″ with 3 girths of 6.4″ (base), 3″ (middle), 3.5″ (top).

Now, this neat toy’s RRP is £86.24 GBP (CHF 129.00). Which I don’t think is too bad, I mean you are getting a product on the high end of the market, it’s top quality. I would like to see the price lowered, so that it’s more of an affordable price but you can’t argue when you are presented with a quality product such as this.

When I first received this product, I found that it had a travel lock on it, so that the toy didn’t accidentally switch on, whilst in transit. Basically it has a built in safety switch, to activate your toy, hold both buttons down for 5 seconds until it vibrates once. To stop this toy from switching on, when it’s in your bag, hold down both buttons again for 5 seconds, once the purple light below the buttons turns off, your toy lock is on.

To use, I found that if you prefer clitoral stimulation to hit your spot, this would work well for you. It’s easy to hold in the palm of your hand and it doesn’t get uncomfortable, if used for long periods. I did find I had to use a fair blob of water-based lube, so that I didn’t get that friction burn feeling. I could hold this toy in my hand, so that my thumb was position over the buttons, for easier control. I let the toy run for an hour constantly and it didn’t really start to wear down until around the 40 minute mark, which is fine, if you’re only using this as a foreplay toy.

There really isn’t much more that I can say about the use of this product.

So, to conclude, I really don’t have an issue with this toy, it’s sleek, high class, comes with it’s own storage, is rechargeable which saves you money on batteries, it’s an attractive product BUT I do feel that the price could be lower, to make it more affordable.

I would recommend this product to any woman, it’s a must have, if you love your foreplay!