Crystal Delights Crystal mini twist butt plug review

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a securely packed small box that was addressed discreetly to myself. Opening the box, I uncovered a smallish and neatly wrapped product. It was in a satin type pouch, undoing the two ties a petite crystal sex toy rolled slowly out onto my hand. To say I was in ore of this toy, is an underestimate. It’s pretty, petite, lightweight, sparkly (is that an appropriate word to use for a sex toy?), basically an overall attractive toy.

If I was to say it’s human equivalent was a young Brad Pitt, would you believe me? It’s one hell of a good looking sex toy!


The mini twist is made from a high quality Pyrex glass, which is made of tempered glass (harder to break than the average glass but not impossible) and is also medically graded,lead free, Eco-friendly and most importantly, it is body safe. Each toy is hand crafted, meaning that no two sex toy produced by Crystal Delights is the same. At the top of the toy, there is a Swarovski jewel element and the tip of this butt plug is curved and blunt, making it a smoother experience when in use.

The corkscrew design of this butt plug, really does make it easier to insert.


Length: 5″
Girth (thickest): 3.4″
Girth (thinnest): 1.7″
Base: 1.7″ x 1.7″

I found that this sex toy really does have a good use as a butt plug. It feels smaller than it looks but I would put that purely down to the corkscrew design. To insert, I would suggest that you gently twist this plug, rather than push it in. The design really does make it an easier insertion and I would even go as far to suggest this as a first time anal toy, for anyone.

As the glass is smooth, I found that I only had to use a small amount of water-based lubricant.

I did have a worry that it would be too hard for the anal region, seeing as I prefer a toy with a little giveaway. Again, I need not have worried as the screw design gave me that leeway.

To clean, it’s straight forward. I used hot soapy water or with an anti-bacterial soap. There are no indents or notches that you have to work around, a good old soak would do the trick. I’d dry it off with a soft towel, you can even clean the crystal top with a soft cloth or specialized micro fiber cloth but that is up to you.

I like the fact that this crystal butt plug comes with it’s own storage bag, it makes it easy to keep this toy in pristine and dust free condition.

The mini twist butt plug comes in 10 different colours, which you can view over on the main website.

As an overall, I did rather enjoy the crystal delights crystal mini twist butt plug. I’ve never actually used a glass plug before and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed my personal time with this little beauty. There is currently only 1 place that you can purchase a Crystal Delights product from in the UK at the moment, which is with Ododi. I have to say that their customer service is brilliant, very polite, prompt and helpful. For an RRP of £55.99 GBP, I really do think that this is a good price, considering that each crystal delights toy is hand made, neither 2 are the same, so you’re basically purchasing a unique toy!