Rocks Off RO-Zen Review

I am a Rocks Off fan from day 1, always loved their products and the way that their designs are innovating, sensual and fun at the same time.

I’ve never actually had the opportunity to test or review a Rocks Off male sex toy, until Ododi had asked if I would review the RO-ZEN rocks off RO-ZENon their behalf.

The RO-ZEN is a vibrating anal plug, as well as being a cock and ball sling.

It’s made from 100% pure silicone and comes with an RO 80mm 7 speed vibrating bullet that is inserted into the anal plug.

The RO 80mm 7 speed vibrating bullet is made from ABS plastic and operated by an N (LR1) 1.5v battery, which is included. The bullet is waterproof, which gives you the option to have fun in the shower!

If you think about it, the RO-ZEN is two sex toys in one, you have the male product but if you remove the RO 80mm bullet, you can use the bullet on it’s own. The RO-80mm Bullet is a good little clitoral stimulator.

The RO-ZEN measures:

6″ – Length from the edge of the anal plug to the end of the ball craddle
1.6″ x 1.6″ -Ball cradle
1.4″ x 1.4″ – Cock ring
3.1″ – Butt plug length
4.7″ – Widest part of the butt plug
2.7″ – Butt plug insertion length
1.7″ – Perineum slip length

The under-strip of the RO-ZEN, sits on the male’s perineum (the skin in-between the testicles and the anal hole). It has 8 nubs that press up against the perineum, which adds to the pleasure of a man’s play time.

My fella seems impressed with the RO-ZEN, the ball cradle and the cock ring stretch to accommodate most sizes of male genitals and the sit comfortably around his ‘areas’. But the perineum strip didn’t have a lot of ‘give’ to it, it stretched just under an inch (give or take).

The butt plug is of a medium size and slipped in with ease, with the help of a decent lubricant.

Hubby liked the vibrations, that the RO 80mm gave out, 7 different vibration variations but they weren’t a strong sensation. We assumed that as the bullet is removable, the vibrations wouldn’t be on an earth-shattering level but they were ‘nice’ and enjoyable.

My only downfall is that Mr.Monkey had all the fun with this sex toy but it was fun to watch!

The RRP of the RO-SEN is that of £34.99 GBP, which is a fairly decent price of a product such as this. You can purchase your own RO-ZEN from Ododi below.

The RO-ZEN is a good little anal sex toy but not if you are after mind-blowing strength in vibrations but if you are after something more gentle, then this is the product for you!

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