California Exotics Posh Silicone O Probe Review

A sweet little probe from California Exotics. A surprisingly well designed budget toy.


This probe is essentially a silicone sleeve with a 3 speed vibrating bullet. It is affordable and comes in a pretty blue color as well as a hot pink and a purple one. The toy is designed for anal use and has a gentle size of 6 inches total length, 3.75 inches insertable, 4.75 inches in circumference which equals a diameter of 1.5 inches. It weighs just 0.2 lb. It is waterproof for more fun. The vibrator use one AAA battery which is not included in the box.

This little toy comes in a simple cardboard box with a printed image of the toy and some marketing info on the back. Inside it includes the toy in a plastic bag as well as instructions. The design is fairy simple and discrete enough for me. I am happy as long as we skip those sleazy model images. It does not include a battery, so be sure you have your triple A’s ready. All in all a pretty decent package, but I would not use this as storage as you could fit two, maybe three of these things inside one box. Space is precious. Kudos for a box you can easily recycle.


This is a small anal probe made in a smooth, matte silicone. The material is firm with just a slight give to it, most noticeable at the tip. It has a very noticeable mold line running along the top and bottom center of the toy. It is not easily felt, but if you are sensitive about these things it might be an issue.

California Exotics Posh O Probe

I am very impressed with the shape and finish, it is super easy to insert and it holds on to lubricant well. Remember only water based lubricant with this one to make sure it does not react badly.. After insertion it simply slips in place by itself, and you can actually use it hands free and walk around without worry! The slim form factor makes sure it remains comfortable once inserted.

The slightly bent shape directs the toy towards your P-spot, but the ring handle is very flexible and is not the easiest thing to direct pressure with. This toy comes to its right place when you simply let it do its job. This would be suitable for anyone wanting to try P-spot stimulation without the worry of being overpowered. The sex toy can be used with a gentle thrusting motion, but the ring handle is not firm enough to allow rough play either. It is also a tad big so sitting down with this inserted feels a bit awkward.

California Exotics Posh O Probe

There is another side to it; the vibrating bullet. It is a 3 speed vibrating bullet with one button. It takes one AAA battery and has a simple click button to turn on and off. It starts with the low speed which is just a tease, next click cranks it up to a medium, and a third click takes it to a buzzy but decent maximum. One more click and it shuts off. It is comparable to the Rocks Off 80mm bullet, and as with the Rocks Off Naughty boy the silicone sleeve masks the vibrations a bit – leaving me wanting more. It just is not powerful enough to make up for the lost intensity and the highest speed is so buzzy it just feels like a constant tingle.

The vibrations are most clearly felt at the center of the toy and not at the tip, which is a shame. On the positive side however it does provide some nice feelings and is fairly quiet. Comparable to a vibrating razor.

I would suggest using rechargeable batteries with this one to reduce waste and to save money.

This little probe comes in the most gorgeous blue color. It is made of smooth, although matte silicone with a removable bullet to give it some rumble. This is a petite toy, and the shape is very ergonomic which makes it ultra comfortable during use whether you like to thrust or let the vibrations do its thing.

The price justifies the shortcomings, and the toy is not half bad. If you do not mind the weaker vibrations and want a toy that really eases you into anal sex toys, perfect for beginners – and doubles as a P/G spot tool and a butt plug then I would fully recommend this toy