Strict Leather Wide Head Riding Crop Review

I’m not one to refuse a stern lashing or two but I will also not turn down the chance to be the giver, rather than the receiver.

I grew up from a young age, with horses in my life, so I know a good crop, when I see one. Riding crops are usually made from a flexible material, like fiberglass. ‘Back in the day’, riding crops were made from stern materials like bamboo or even plastic. It is a usual practice that novice riders, were not to use a riding crop and that it is more for an experience rider, for the use of controlling your horse.

Rouge Garments Riding Crop Purple

You are taught to never use a riding crop on a horse, with excessive force!

BUT this is something that in the world of kink, not using excessive force, isn’t an option for some (obviously the person receiving, has given previous consent).

Back to my review; This is a rather long BDSM riding crop but made of excellent quality. It is 20.5 inches in length, with the head of the crop measuring 2.5 inches in width. It is made from leather material and is very stern.

Rouge Garments Leather Croc Print Ridding Crop

The handle is slightly thicker than the crop stem and just by holding the crop by it’s handle, you can feel the quality and weight. It isn’t feather light, like most crops you would purchase as a sex toy, it actually does feel like a crop that I would use when horse riding.

The head of the crop is made from a durable leather and is perfect for anyone, especially those trying out spanking for the first time. When in use, the head leaves a desired slapping echoing, when hitting the naked skin. It does tingle, of course it would, you are being slapped by leather but the experience is heavenly.

Ododi currently have the Strict Leather Wide Head Riding Crop, priced at £13.99 GBP. This is an absolute bargain for a superb quality product. I was rather shocked at the price, to be honest, as I thought it would be around the £30.00 – £40.00 GBP mark! Perfect!

Rouge Garments Riding Crop Pink

As always, Ododi are swift with their postage and their packaging is very discreet. When I received my parcel, it did not have any markings on it to say it came from an Adult Sex toy retailer. But I did have to sign for it, which does leave me confident in knowing that I will get my product and not have it left on my front door step, for any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Mind you, if a stranger did pinch my parcel, I am pretty sure they would have been shocked with what was hiding in the wrapping.

I definitely would recommend to my readers to try this crop out, you won’t be disappointed!