Jimmyjane Little Chroma Review

The gorgeous Little Chroma from Jimmyjane is a classic slimline vibrator. In fact it’s such a classic that we’re giving it a second look after two and a half years, and in that time some things have certainly changed.

First (and possible most importantly) the price has significantly dropped. It used to sell for a steep £130, but now some colors can be had for less than a single benjamin. Nifty. If an unadorned solid color isn’t fancy enough for your favorite vagina, check out some of the artist-designed special edition versions now available at


One of the coolest things about Little Chroma is that if you wear out the vibrating motor, £30 will buy you a new one directly from Jimmyjane. I’m terribly hard on my vibes (perhaps because I use them for an hour at a stretch, ahem), so I love this option. The motor looks exactly like an AA battery, but don’t worry about tossing it out by mistake. It’s clearly labeled in big, friendly letters.

Little Chroma is one of the quietest vibes I’ve ever experienced. The only time it’s not nearly silent is when you first turn it on, and then only because the cap won’t be screwed down firmly enough to prevent the battery from rattling a bit. Once you get past this point, however, the vibe cannot be heard at arm’s length. This is an excellent quality in any vibe you’re planning on using in a shared space.

One of the quietest vibrators

There’s a tiny hole in Little Chroma’s end through which one could thread a cord for retrieval during anal usage. Honestly though, I wouldn’t. Use it on the anus but not for insertion. Your fancy vibe will lose its cachet once the emergency room doctors have removed it from your colon.

I’ve enjoyed tucking this tiny vibe into my pillow for quick wank sessions before bed. It’s so tiny that it’s easily hidden away, but don’t let the size fool you. Little Chroma is nicely powerful, even though there’s just one speed. I enjoyed it the most when used in conjunction with my partner’s penetration. The small size make this little sex toy easy to position between bodies during intercourse or in conjunction with dildo play.

The only thing I didn’t like about Little Chroma is the fact that you must loosen the battery compartment cover in order to turn off the vibe. This, to me, is a huge pain in the butt, because when I’m done with a vibe I can barely summon the wherewithal to click a single button. Negotiating a tiny cap that threatens to fall off and set loose battery and motor to skitter across my bed (and no doubt lodge in the small of my back just when I want to get cuddly) is not very convenient.

Going too far makes the cap fall off, while not going far enough leaves the vibe buzzing so gently that you won’t even know it unless you put it down on a hard surface, in which case Little Chroma will merrily dance away and concurrently run down your batteries. I wish the vibe had a discrete “off” position marked by a little click. Is that too much to ask for from a high-end vibe?

Even with a sketchy off switch, I’m absolutely certain that I’ll use Little Chroma again and again. I’ll be interested in seeing how long the motor lasts with the kind of use I can dish out.

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