Spiny Love Hole Review

The other week, browsing my local adult store, looking for a male masturbation toy, I spotted the Spiny Love Hole. It’s a tube type product that is in a jelly form, 15cm’s in length and can stretch width ways, to spike1fit any sized man. It is made from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) and has two textures to it: one side has soft spines and the other side has raised ridges.


It comes in a light blue rectangle box with the relevant information on the back side and a picture of the product on the front. The Spiny Love Hole, it’s self is in an air tight plastic bag, which gives you the sanctification that it is as hygienic as possible, upon purchasing.

In use, you should only use a water based lubricant, here are some of my personal suggestions;

Sliquid Ride bodyworx water based lube – £9.95
WET Original water based Lube – £1.40
LELO water based lube – £9.99
Loving joy slide lube – £2.99
Super slik lube – £2.99
Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel lube – £12.95

To clean, you can submerge the Spiny Love Hole in warm soapy water. Give this product a good clean inside and out, you can do this by turning inside-out. Then, personally, I would use a sex toy spray clean, spritz it a few times and then leave to dry. I would use a product like the Refresh Anti-Bacterial cleaner.

As I am female, I can’t really comment on the use of this product but using it on my fella was fun, from my point of view!

He say’s:

I’ve not used a male sex toy, like this one before, yes I’ve used a flesh light but I just couldn’t compare the two. But the Spiny Hole was a unique sensation.

I could use it on my own or with a lass, both of which were fun.

I liked the two different textures, 1 on either side. Soft spikes on one side and then when you turn the tube inside out, there are soft ridges. I preferred the spike feeling though!

I had to keep a tightish grip, to ensure my hand didn’t slip away but I really can’t complain about this toy.

So for me, this is a short and sweet review, a good sensation and easy to use.

The Spiny love Hole retails for £10.00 GBP’s, I feel this is a good price but I wouldn’t agree in paying a higher price, all in all it is perfectly priced as it is.

If this was a product for me, I would prefer it to be silicone made but that is a personal preference.

Can’t really fault this toy, good for a bit of male ‘alone time’, says what it does on the box…..”Oh Yes!”