Sliquid Silk Review

Sliquid is one of those brands that except not being readily available in Norway, has really impressed me so far. Sliquid Silk is one variant of their water based lubes with added silicone, making it a creamy hybrid type.

This hybrid lubricant from Sliquid is glycerin and paraben free and it doesn’t have any taste or smell to it at all. Sure it has slight clean smell, but it is so faint. It’s also vegan, pH-balanced and very gentle. It comes in 125ml and 255ml bottles with a simple label and a push-to-open cap. It’s nice and easy. I don’t like the direct marketing towards women (and sensitive women at that), I can’t see a reason as to why everyone can’t enjoy this. It has a very low viscosity and is much thinner than the creamy look would indicate.

The bottle is chockfull of the following ingredients: Purified water, Plant cellulose, Isopropyl palnutate, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone, Emollient Ester, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid.

Sliquid Silk is a very straight forward lube and it really lives up to its name. It is incredibly smooth and silky feeling. Still slightly watery, but with an increased amount it’s something of the more slippery stuff I’ve tried. It isn’t heavy at all, and only masks a little of the skin texture underneath. For anal sex it is slightly on the thin side, but with enough (a little more than usual) it offers a superior smooth glide. It is perfect for everything from super slipperiness to a more natural barely there feel. It isn’t the longest lasting hybrid I’ve tried, probably because of a relatively small amount of silicone. That enables it to dry quick when left exposed to air, and luckily it does not get sticky at all. It’s absorbs and leaves a very slight silky film on the skin.

To reactivate during use, add a little water or another dash of lube and it’s ready to keep going. It works exceptionally well with most toys also. Masturbators doesn’t usually like silicone and soap so I’d avoid using this simply because cleanup would be harder. A little soap is suitable to rinse the lube off quickly. A hybrid lube is safe to use with pure silicone toys too!

Sliquid Silk overall

There isn’t much more to say about Sliquid Silk other than it’s a fantastic intimate lubricant, well worth the money. Suitable for almost any kind of sexual activity and it’s made with wonderful ingredients. It spreads out nice and evenly and doesn’t slip off silicone toys before they’re put to use. I’d honestly expect this to be similar to the Ride Bodyworx Silk Hybrid, but the Bodyworx lube is thinner and way more watery. It also has a herbal smell and a slightly yellow it (even with an expiry a year from now + the same ingredients). While Sliquid Silk may not knock Wicked off the anal lube throne, it’s certainly a very pleasurable lube. I’d really recommend this to everyone if you can ignore the woman only marketing. This is some of the best goop you can get for your intimate parts.

A very light and runny hybrid lubricant that works well as an allround lube. It’s great for toys and anal sex, but I need to use a bit more of this than other lubes. Also it doesn’t last too long, but it does not get sticky at all!