Hot Octopuss Pulse III (3) Solo Review

Hot Octopuss is at it again. This time it isn’t a huge step forward, but decent improvements I’ve requested since day one. And that’s saying something when we’re talking about one of the best products for men at the moment. This is the Pulse III Solo.
Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo male sex toy looks identical to the predecessor in terms of design and size (except that it got the Pulse II Duo color). The Solo is velvety matte silicone and glossy plastic, while the Duo is entirely coated in silicone (it also has a remote for an extra vibrator on the underside for partner use and a bigger price tag). As before, it comes in a metallic looking box together with a manual, pouch and a USB-charger. The device itself fits nicely into the palm of the hand and feels solid enough. It does have a slight flex when pressing the firm buttons. Pulse III Solo operates by three buttons – on/off, plus and minus.

The Pulse works as it always have – enveloped by two flexible silicone wings you’ll find a raised circular plate. This is where the magic happens. The Pulse Plate as it’s called — oscillates. The deal is to place the penis in between the wings with the frenulum resting against the plate. For variation it can also be used in a stroking motion coupled with a good lube. The oscillations are deep and rumbly. They really penetrate deep into the tissue making for an almost overwhelming sensation.

It’s incredibly powerful and even at the lowest setting it’s a struggle to last longer than 10 minutes. Based on feedback I realize that it is a very different stimulation than most men are accustomed to. It may take some getting used to. But doesn’t hands free orgasms sound great? Well that’s what the Pulse does and more.

To add to the mix it has a few different (5) patterns and pulsations changed with a click of the on/off button. I still like it full throttle and constant, but I appreciate the variation and also enjoy that I can change the intensity for each pattern.

I don’t find any notable performance differences between the new and the old other that slightly more oomph to begin with, but I’m happy to say it still feels damn good. The oscillating plate hammers away at the frenulum conjuring the most intense masturbation sensations from any toy to date. It is a very different feeling compared to standard masturbators. It is refreshing being able to lean back while the Pulse does all the work. I only find the need to apply a little pressure to get the right stimulation where I want it. The Pulse III handles pressure better than the last version thanks to a new anti-stall sensor. It doesn’t halt during regular usage. Great!

The Pulse III is waterproof just as the Pulse II, but this time it finally ditched the annoying flap covering the charging port! We now have magnetic charging ala Fun Factory Click’n’Charge. It is a relief not have to worry about pulling the flap too far and not getting it back in again. Super simple to charge – and it makes cleaning even simpler, soap and water is all that is to it. Go wild!

While charging, the plug has a little red light indicating that it’s working. It turns green when finished. I haven’t had any issues with the magnetic mechanism either. It stays fairly well in place.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo Overall

I can’t really say that much more than I have before. I absolutely love the Pulse and it’s wonderful to experience it in this mature and refined form. It’s silicone covered, rechargeable, waterproof and very strong. It charges quickly and lasts for an hour or so. It’s as good as perfect.