How Kegal Balls Work

How Kegal Balls Work

Kegal muscles are no different to any other, for them to stay functional and strong you need to exercise them. In order to strengthen them the Kegal balls act as internal weights. There are many benefits to having a tight and strong pelvic floor some of these are;

  • Your vagina will tighten making sex more pleasurable for him;
  • Sexual stimulation will be more pleasurable by increased blood flow and nerve supply;
  • Your orgasms will be more powerful and intense;
  • Improved later life bladder control;
  • Better vaginal health;
  • Quicker recovery from child birth:
  • An increase in lubrication after the menopause.

Exercising your Kegal muscles a couple of times a week or even daily will really make massive improvements and the easiest way are with Kegal balls.

Your muscles will become bigger and stronger the heavier weight you use, without the use of Kegal balls you have to constantly remember to complete every repetition; clench, release, clench. Having put in the Kegal balls your body will do the hard work as you follow your normal routine.

Kegal balls are known by a number of names; jiggle balls, ben wa balls, love balls etc. They basically are large, hollow balls that have small weights inside and joined by a silicone strip or string and feature a retrieval cord the same as a tampon. The balls knock together as you move and the small weights roll around, this causes your vaginal muscles to tighten and contract and help to make the female orgasm more intense.

Which kegel balls are right for me?

You need to take into account a number of factors such as whether you have children, age and weight. All of these have an effect on the elasticity of your kegal muscles and can cause them to loosen but this can be reversed with exercise.

If you’re overweight, over 30 or have had children start with large, light balls. Your body won’t struggle to keep these balls in and will gradually get stronger. If you haven’t had children and younger start by using smaller, heavier balls.