Choosing The Right Pair Of Knickers

Women wear them every single day, with each individual choosing a pair of knickers or panties that suit what their body type is, and how comfortable they want to feel.  But how much attention do ladies actually pay to their briefs, and are they going for a shape that doesn’t suit them as well as another could?

Here’s our rundown on the options that are available, how they sit, and what it can do to cover up those niggly bits that you hate!


The most common knicker variety – the brief is curved at the front and sits comfortable on your hips.The sexy narrow sides slim down the legs and waist, as well as cover your bum fully; perfect for those who don’t fancy their derriere being on show.


The option for women who want to have their hips and bum covered – the short is more of an everyday knicker rather than a bedroom option, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some super sexy options available for those spontaneous moments where the mood takes your fancy!


A sexy, sexy knicker option! The Brazilian shows off more of the bum than the usual brief, and it’s curved at the front sitting low on the hips; if you have a great stomach, then this is the option for you. The cut out area at the bottom of the knickers add a subtly sexy appeal.


First things first – let’s eliminate the stigma of the thong: if you buy the right size, they are comfortable.
A discreet underwear option to eliminate the dreaded visible panty line, as well as a sexy option to show off your bum, the thong is thicker on the waistband and sits on the waist or hips.


Takes your underwear from discreet to unnoticeable; made up of a very thin waistband, it shows off the bum to maximum effect and is a great option for those who like to have their underwear taken off by somebody’s teeth…

Suspender Briefs

If the suspender belt isn’t really your thing, this a great way to still incorporate suspenders into your lingerie drawer! The brief itself has suspender straps attached, allowing your sexy stockings to be clipped directly onto your briefs. Once the knickers come off, so do the stockings…


These will definitely take your partner’s breath away and the open crotch feature is an addition to your knicker drawer that is nothing but erotic.

Perfect for ladies who like to be ready for some red hot action at any time of day, or just want to tease their partners once they are between the sheets. Warning: things usually end in a very sexy way for ladies who choose these crotchless panties.the play is going, and only push yourself to your own limits, not somebody else’s.

How To Choose Your Perfect Lingerie