Rocks Off Sweet Satisfaction Bullet Collection Review

This has to be one of the most smartly and sensual presented toys I have received. This lovely packaged product came in a smart little box with three different sized Rocks off Bullets, which were the 100mm, 120mm and 160mm! The price of this lovely set is £53.99 and definitely has its many advantages for each mini vibrator bullet. One suggestion for these is to definitely use lubricant, to make it that bit easier for inserting etc.


RO 100mm Soft Tip Bullet

This is a very handy bullet one to have! This is compact so this means it can be popped into a bag and taken with you, so any urges that may appear you always have this little bad boy present to help you out!. Personally I found the tip a little bit too pointy if it had a more rounded tip it would definitely be perfect! The noise level for this one was very quiet making it a very discreet bullet which is definitely handy for secretive orgasms without anyone knowing.

RO 120mm G-spot

This bullet I enjoyed purely because I felt it was one I could use with my partner as well. I found it hit my G-spot perfectly and meant my partner could use this one on me! (After having to show him the right setting…). Another perk to this Rock off G-spot vibrator was that it wasn’t too heavy, some you tend to find are heavy for the angle you have to use it for, and this was particularly light weight and made reaching my orgasm a lot easier and quicker.

RO 160mm Large bullet

When I first saw this I couldn’t believe the size of it! It’s massive! I never realised bullets could be this big. One thing firstly about it because it is powerful if you’re looking for a discreet bullet don’t choose this one it is very loud. This isn’t an issue for me as I enjoy being louder means more fun. Anyway another perk to this bullet is that it has such a nice texture to it, very smooth and metallic feel to it. This made it more exciting for me as I enjoy the feel of metal.

Overall I would definitely recommend this set as a sex toy starter set to anyone wanting to build a collection of Rocks off Bullets. This is such a good value for money and also good quality set for anyone.