Tenga SVR: Smart Vibe Ring Review

No one packages a sex toy like the Japanese do. After all, this is the culture that invented furoshiki, a cloth wrapping traditionally used for gifts. So when Tenga chooses a toy’s packaging, they somehow hit the sweet spot between stunning and minimal. The Tenga SVR is no exception.

Admittedly, I like the Tenga SVR‘s box more than I like the little plastic housing for the ring itself. It’s not a bad idea – in fact, it keeps the whole thing very low-profile, which is perfect for travel. But in terms of slick design, the box has a bit more oomph. But let’s talk about the ring, because you’re not going to be putting the box on your cock. (Probably. I mean, I’m not here to judge.)

What is the Tenga SVR?

SVR stands for Smart Vibe Ring, the “Smart” part referring more to its design than its technological capabilities. It isn’t smart in the way that phones or Bluetooth-enabled sex toys are smart. In terms of function, it’s your standard vibrating cock ring. It’s the form that really stands out here.

The goal of the Tenga SVR project was to create a cock ring that made better contact with the clitoris, so they changed the orientation of the vibrating portion of the ring from horizontal to vertical. You may have seen this design in some cheaper rings before, like some of the older Screaming O! designs, but this is the first time it’s been done by a luxury company with sturdy, sterilizable materials. SVR recharges via USB with a charging time and battery life of 60 minutes each. It’s also waterproof up to 50cm (a little over 1.5 feet), which is great for cleaning or for fun in the tub.

SVR is made of velvety silicone, and the ring stretches enough to be comfortable for a range of penis sizes. So, let’s talk about penises!

If your penis is much girthier than average you might find it a bit tight. If your penis is a bit less girthy than average and you have a scrotum, you can place the ring portion behind your scrotum and around your penis. This would also work if you find you need a bit more stability for the ring. Given the size of the unstretched ring (1.2″ diameter) and the stretchiness of the material, I do believe it would fit a majority of penis owners. But it doesn’t end with the penis.

How do you use the SVR?

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it!

No, but really, there are actually a handful of options for using the SVR. Obviously, you can place the ring around the shaft of your/your partner’s penis. You can place it so the vibrating portion is pointing up or pointing down, depending on the kind of stimulation you want and the position(s) you’re going to be using it in. But you can also stretch the ring over 2 or 3 of your fingers and turn your hand into a vibrator. You can put the ring on a dildo, in or out of a harness, with or without a partner.

I used it with my partner (facing up, on his penis) and attached to my hand via my fingers.

When it comes to cleaning after use, it’s good but it’s not perfect. Because they placed a Tenga logo in the silicone, the lettering tends to gather gunk, which makes it more high maintenance than I would like. But because of the materials and the fact that it’s waterproof, it can be easily cleaned at the sink with some antibacterial soap or toy cleaner.

Okay, so how does the SVR feel?

Well, it’s complicated.

When we used it during PIV sex, it didn’t really work for us. Regardless of the positions we tried, we could only get the ring to make minimal contact with my clit. While there was some vibration transfer through my partner’s penis, it wasn’t much, and he doesn’t really enjoy vibration anyway. We also both tend to like deep, dramatic thrusts rather than shallow ones that would allow for more clitoris/ring contact. My vagina-to-clit distance just isn’t compatible with the design of this ring. If your clit is a bit farther away from your vaginal opening and you normally find that cock rings just don’t reach, this could be perfect for you.

The vibrations themselves are the strongest that I’ve felt in a cock ring, but aren’t as strong as some bullet vibes. Of course, they kept the profile of this ring pretty small, which means they had to use a small motor. Buzzy is the word I would use.

When I used the SVR with the ring wrapped around my fingers, I enjoyed it a lot more. The flat side is great for broader stimulation, but it’s easy and comfortable to turn the ring a little and get more pinpoint stimulation. Is it as good as a dedicated, high-end clitoral vibe? Not for me, but I like that they made sure this was a multi-functional toy.

Who would like the Tenga SVR?

The Tenga SVR would be perfect for someone who enjoys the idea of a cock ring, but hasn’t found one yet that makes easy contact with the clitoris. Also, if you like to do vagina-on-top positions with a lot of grinding, this ring would be excellent! I would also recommend this to anyone who can get off with decently strong but buzzy vibrations and wants to try a well-made cock ring. On the other hand, if you don’t generally like cock rings, I wouldn’t expect this one to change your mind.

Because it has multiple functions, it isn’t quite as much of a gamble as a single-function toy… But it is £89, making it something that many people will have to consider a little more carefully than the average ring off an adult store peg wall. That said, I think it would make a great addition to your Valentine’s Day plans!

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