Odyssey Tickler Review

It’s a good thing this toy isn’t called the Odyssey Thumper, or the Odyssey X-Treme Screamer, or the Odyssey Turbo Ultra-Banger, or the Odyssey Super-Powered Rumblin’ Revver, because those names would be completely inaccurate.

Odyssey Tickler, however, fits this gentle little toy quite well.


The toy has three speeds ranging from “really mild” to “mild” to “a little less than completely mild, but still not un-mild enough to knock you out of bed,” all controlled by a single push button on the toy’s end. This is the perfect place for the button, because you’re unlikely to turn it off in the heat of the moment.
It’s made of thermoplastic rubber, which gives the toy a high-friction feel. You’ll definitely want to use lube. Also, use a condom if you plan on sharing the toy or if you want ease of cleaning.

Sex Toy Sounds of Silence

One of the really nice things about the Odyssey Tickler is that it is very very quiet. You could hardly find a quieter vibrator, which would make the Tickler great for those trying to keep their wanking on the down low.

Also, the nubby flange makes this toy safe for use in the behind…and let me tell you, there aren’t many quality, affordable ass-vibes out there.

Even though I’m not crazy about pointy little protuberances on my sex toys, the fact that these pointy little protuberance point upwards made them less objectionable than most. I used the Tickler vaginally, where it slowly got me randy enough that I craved something more powerful. Or something attached to a man. Or both, all at once, ’cause I’m greedy like that.

Avail yourself to this toy if you like mild vibrations and the possibility of some anal sex toy play. If you do, you’ll enjoy a pleasantly ticklish odyssey to pleasure.

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