Bathmate Hydromax X40 Review

There are a lot of penis enhancing products out there. Some will thug, some will stretch and some will ask you to eat a bunch of pills or apply some nasty lotion in a quite religious manner. The Hydromax line from Bathmate takes a different and less shady approach.

The product is in short a water pump for enhancing blood flow into the penis. It helps increase size, hardness and sensitivity, much like the effects from a cock ring only with greater effect. It is even said to improve overall penile health.

It consists of a pretty big cylinder tube with rubber bellows attached. In the far end it has a valve that will release water once the device gets compressed – this creates a vacuum that in turn draws blood into your dick and gently expands it. The Hydrmax X30 and X40 is essentially the same except for the size. Both is a step up from the more basic Bathmate Hercules pump. They come with an improved release valve as well as a rubber coated comfort pad that is to sit between the device and the body.

The pump works to create a strong vacuum that expands the cells in the penis and draw in more blood. Over time the penis will be able to accommodate a larger amount of blood thus increasing the size. The water pump is gentler and provides a more uniform pressure than plain and simple air pumps.

The size is as follows: 13.2″ tall while the cylinder is just under 9″ with 7″ of usable length. The gaiters plus comfort pad adds another 4″. Opening diameter is just over 2.5″ with 12.5″ in circumference. When compressed as much as possible you still have just over 9″ in length to play with.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Comfort Pad

In use

Using the pump is as easy as filling it with water, this is probably best done in the shower or bath because things will get all wet and messy. The valve switch will have to be locked, which is to either side of the central position. Once the pump is filled, we place our dicks inside it and open the valve to allow flow of water. This is done by flicking the switch on the valve into the central position – and then give it a few pumps to create the initial vacuum. The vacuum tends to weaken a bit during use and requires a pump or two every five minutes or so.

The bellows are pretty firm, but that’s what we have our macho powers for, yeah? No problem! Using the pump is all about relaxing, taking it slow and easy to avoid discomfort. It is a very unusual feeling… It does feel like the penis is being stretched out of proportions, and it actually is. It is not exactly comfortable and not at all pleasurable. It is by no means painful just a bit uncomfortable. And using the device on a flaccid dick it really feels strange. It will suck blood into the penis making it at least semi hard. Combined with a cock ring this would be great for those with erectile dysfunction.

I prefer using the pump while already erect, because it feels gentler. It still feels a bit rough, not only on the penis itself but also around the base. It’s something I am getting used to after using it a few times so I would not hold it against it.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Measuring Tube

As for the most important part (for some); the size increase. Post pumping session my dick is noticeably meatier looking. It increases in size by a cm or so in both length and girth. These gains however, are temporary, and will return to normal after a few hours. Even a day after pumping it feels noticeably bigger, but I have minimal size evidence to support this though.. It’s is pretty sweet though – as it increase sensitiveness and make sex and masturbation feel more sensational.

According to Bathmate the increase in size can be made permanent if the pump is used regularly a few times a week over the course of a few months. There are different online forums dedicated to this – and many seem to have pumped to great effect. I would like to believe this, but I have yet to conduct the disciplined training sessions required – as I prefer to use the pump kinda sporadic, myself. I will however get back to y’all with some scientific details at a later point once the summer vacation is over. Please note that this review is based on pumping a few times a week for a few months.

Normal usage is two or three sessions of 5 minutes or so, depending on your preference. This is just alright, and not too time consuming.

To finish, or to regulate the pressure during use it’s just to press the valve release/lock button and it will open the valve to let air in and water out. The valve button is firm, and does take some pressure to respond.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Release Valve

One thing I experienced was the dreaded bruising. It is possible if the pump is used with too much vacuum or if I pump too quickly. This may result in small red spots under the skin and although it is not painful it isn’t the prettiest sight. Bruises should not appear under normal use, but it is easy to pump to hard or too quick the first few times, just take it easy OK? If bruising occurs, simply let it rest for a few days and it will disappear.

The pump gets heavy when filled with water, and the amount of time is supposed to be used means it gets tiring to hold. It is possible to get a shower strap that will support the pump with a strap around the neck/shoulder – this will also free your hands for other shower activities and make pumping less of an inconvenience or stand alone exercise.


It’s a bit sad that products can prey on a mans insecurity about his dick, but when a product actually works in contrast to many others – I think people should know. And this does work. It does make you hard, and it does make you marginally larger for hours. But whether the gains are permanent is hard to tell… I assume it is just like working out. When being regularly maintained muscles can grow or at least keep its size, but once we stop working out the mass will diminish – the same is probably true for penises as well. We’ll get back to that in a later follow-up review.

I love that it is easy and straight forward to use, but I do feel the shower strap should be included. It might not be a problem for the smaller X30, but with this I could definitely use one. Overall I am very happy with the Hydromax, it truly is a quality product. And it even has a two year warranty! To be honest I thought pumps would be a total waste of time, but I’ll admit I am converted now.

If you have 7″ or larger penis, then I would suggest you get the X40 for some more space to grow. The X30 will be perfect if you are a bit under this limit.

The pump is a bit expensive but the quality is superb. It will probably last forever. They are even driving over this things with trucks just to prove it. If you are on a budget the Hercules pump is an option. I would however recommend the Hydromax line if you can afford it, because the comfort pad, stronger valve and nicer design add to the value in my opinion. The real and juicy conclusion remains uncertain – is it really worth the price? It really depends on what your expectations are. It is a great piece of kit – but it will not make a penis grow 3 inches within a few months. I’ll post again with some long term details.