The Tantus Magma Review

How much texture can you ram on to the bulge of a single dildo?

I swear Tantus were trying to find out when they made the Tantus Magma.

Although that’s a bit unfair.

The Tantus Magma is not a “throw texture at the schlong and see what works” kind of toy. Instead, Tantus took a long time refining the design, testing the optimal silicone levels, and even having sex toy icon, Epiphora, testing the prototypes in order to refine the design.

When a company includes the biggest name in sex toy reviewing in their design process then you know they’re not fucking about.

The Tantus Magma is a reinvention of the older Tantus Splash design (a toy I liked a lot), but this toy is no longer allied with the ocean. Instead, it has emerged from lakes of lava and raging flames as a bright red offering forged for optimal pleasure.

But does intent match intensity when it comes to the Tantus Magma?

We’re here to discuss that today.

The Tantus Magma

The Tantus Magma is a toy for texture, but you can likely tell that from the design.

Behold! {Though it could do without the plastic)

This toy is basically if someone dolloped treacle on to a plain curved dildo and then decided to freeze frame it at the optimal moment for globular goodness.

The dollops and drips on the Tantus Magma might look like random but they’re actually meticulously devised by the Tantus team.

These areas are designed off of the Splash but the size, shape, and amount of them has been amended to be more precise during use. Some drips that were distracting were removed, others were lengthened and enlarged, and others were shortened.

This isn’t the only change either. The Tantus Magma is made from a slightly softer silicone than the Splash – 10A Shore Platinum Silicone, to be precise – and the result is a toy that can be easily bent in over itself and has some squish. Emphasis on ‘some’ though. This toy is about rubber ball soft in terms of squish. It’s not dual density silicone, and isn’t going to offer much in the way of a cush or plushy time.

The little bit of give does help the body accommodate its very bulging head, however; 1.5 inches of max diameter bulge to be precise.

This toy has some squish but is more bendy than squishy.

That doesn’t sound like much but the Tantus Magma starts straight out at its largest size, before then becoming slimmer at its neck. This means you’re having to get the brunt of its globe-like tip in to your body from the get go, rather then easing in to a gentler taper.

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For some this will be bliss, for others it won’t. I like it but I do find that I like to warm up to the Tantus Magma rather then going in dry…in fact I never ‘go in dry.’ I always use lubricant with this toy because it works so well with the glossy silicone used for the drips of this toy to create a smooth and sliding experience.

The rest of this toy’s silicone (the base layer, if you will) is more matte and this creates a nice contrast between the texture and the smoother layer that lurks beneath.

I have to admit, though – I really don’t notice smooth segments on this toy. My vagina is entirely focused on the cluster of ripples that make up its G-Spotting section and the way that the dollops keep my vaginal opening ever excited with ongoing stimulation.

This toy takes texture to delicious degrees. It’s not the most prominent and unrelenting texture that I have experienced from a Tantus toy, but it’s just the right side of “Oh my fucking god, what’s happening to my G-Spot” to be shudderingly delightful.

Equally, the curve on this toy is not the most pronounced that you can get. It’s certainly not curved in the same way as the Nobessence Seduction, the nJoy Pure Wand, or other G-Spotting greats, but it does have an angle that allows for persistent G-Spotting pleasure without being too intense.

This texture is a yes.

It’s probably for the best too, because having too severe a curve coupled with the almost angular element of the toy’s ripples at this section of the toy would likely be too much for many.

Equally the softness of this toy really does help to soften the experience of the texture just enough to make it accessible for texture-curious users. It’s almost as if the Tantus Magma was made to warm people to more extreme offerings, which is apt given its fiery inspiration.

I am a huge fan of the dollops on the Tantus Magma, which do serve to add additional sensation to the shaft of this toy and massage my opening during use.

My orgasms with this toy are long, gratifying and throbbing. There’s a pleasant fullness to it and an almost biting delight at the point of climax, as its ripples seem to almost actively roll and massage against my clenching vagina.

I was surprised at just how long orgasms lasted with this toy – clench after clench of prolonged gratification – and certainly not complaining about it either.

After using the Tantus Magma I am almost always left with an aching throb for at least an hour afterwards, gifted by the texture that it offers, and I’m not complaining about that either.

This toy is harder to clean, though, and that would be a complaint if not for the fact that it is made of pure silicone and so is non-porous and really easy to rinse and scrub.

More of an issue is the bendable nature of the Tantus Magma, which makes really ramming it in to myself cumbersome, awkward, and even a bit painful at times. Not in terms of my genitals but more my arm and wrist. They protest about having to try and angle and insert this toy and it is a bit of a mood distracter, though not a mood killer.

When I’m very open and receptive it’s no issue but when I’m still building up to its bulge and need a bit more oomph in my insertion it is just the worst.

I almost wish Tantus were able to make the base and neck of this toy firmer and then let the tip and dollops be softer. That would undoubtedly increase the price of this toy though and a large part of the Tantus Magma’s appeal is just how affordable it is. I don’t think I’d want the trade off.

Final Thoughts 

The Tantus Magma is an acquired taste but it’s not as niche as the toy that inspired it.

Tantus have worked hard to make this toy softer and more streamlined with the texture that it uses.

For that I’m grateful, as I feel it opens the toy up to more users, but it’s not a perfect outcome and there is still room for improvement.

The Tantus Magma delivers on some bitingly enjoyable orgasms, however, with an afterglow and an aching reminder of its use that lasts for a very long time after climax.

Because of this I can happily recommend the Tantus Magma and feel like it’s a nice addition to the Tantus line. Not a replacement nor necessarily a follow-up to the Splash, but more its own unique variant, and something that I’m grateful to add to my toybox.

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