Cherry Massage Candle Review

I am a BIG candle addict, candles every where from any where! Be it Yankee candles, candles and wax melts and Massage candles. To me, they all smell divine!

So, when I saw that Ododi were holding a ‘3 for £10.00′ offer, I had to jump right in and grab myself a few treats. One of my purchases was the Cherry Flavour Lickable Massage Candle that comes in a silver 60g tin.

I love wax play and delved into the realm of wax and heat, nearly a year ago.

The Cherry Massage Candle has an RRP of £7.99 GBP, which is a fair price but I do wish the tins were bigger, I’d be a much happier bunny if it came in a 100g tin.

The candle it’s self is a creamy white colour and has a silky smooth texture to it. Once lit, it only takes around 10 minutes for this small delight to fill the room with it’s Cherry scent. It reminds me of Bake Well massage candle Tarts but not too sickly sweet.

Massage candles are an erotic way to bring foreplay into a whole different dimension. With the scents of the candle filling the bedroom, the hot wax dripping onto your skin and then your partner rubbing the warm juices into your relaxed body, it really does elevate your experience to a heavenly state of mind.

To use: Light the candle, allow it time to burn and the wax to melt into a liquid. Before pouring onto the skin, blow the candle flame out and then slowly drip over your willing participant’s selected body parts. If you have never used a massage candle before, I would suggest to start dripping the hot wax, from approx. 60cm’s above the skin. The higher you drip from, the lower temperature the wax will be, when it hits the skin. For a more intense sensation, drip the wax from a mere inch away from the skin.

The oily liquid that is produced, does feel greasy but once it has been smoothed into your skin, it will leave your body feeling revived, soft and with that sweet cherry scent, that will linger.

Here’s a cheeky tip: Run out of body moisturizer? Then use a massage candle, if you have one.

Ododi is a fab company to purchase your adult products from, their post and packaging is discreet and prompt. Their customer service team are genuinely nice people, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

To my friends and people reading my blog, I would highly recommend the Cherry Flavoured lickable massage candle, is truly does work wonders.

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If you are looking for a Valetines day gift or just simply want to treat your partner to a night in, then this massage candle is definitely something that you need!

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