Tantus Suction Cup Review

This neat little thing is a standalone suction cup that fits all Tantus vibrators. You just push it into the slot for the bullet, and as if by magic – you have yourself a practical suction cup dildo. The vibrations however, has to go.


Does it stick? Yes, yes it does. This little thing is super neat. It works with almost any dildo that has a hole for a standard bullet shaped vibrator. And it is made in a seamless, matte silicone. It has that super smooth velvet finish, and I think it looks very refined. Keep in mind that this is the revised version. Tantus Suction Cup v2 if you like.

It is easy to plug in and remove from dildos and yet it holds onto them reasonably well. It is designed to fit perfectly with all Tantus vibrating dildos (vibrators), but that does not stop me from occasionally using it with other stuff. Below is a quick tutorial on how to get this bad boy into play.

Suction Cup Instructions

The Tantus suction cup sticks well to smooth surfaces like glass, tiles and floor. It can also handle rougher painted walls quite well. By itself it does stick for around 20 minutes (on a fairly rough wall), which should be plenty of time for play. I love that when it sticks the outer edge tilts upwards a bit, which makes it super easy to get fingers under the edge to release the suction. Given the right underlying surface, it does hold on like it’s life depended on it. I have to pull with some force to get it off.

Tantus Suction Cup + Purr vibrator

The only downside is that the dildos will tilt a bit, and look a bit sad. But that also means you get the flexibility to angle and direct it where you want it. I don’t see it as a problem during use at all, it just looks a bit funny.

There isn’t much else to say about it. It does what it’s supposed to, it looks great in that glorious black silicone. I love that it enables effortless hands free play (and if you want, it can be used as a handle for dildos with a flat base. It works great!). This makes it a truly nice companion to any and all vibrating dildos,