Nexus Slide water-based lubricant review

The Nexus Slide is a water-based lubricant, brought to you by the award winning Nexus Range.

It is a thick, slick and non-sticky lubricant that was made for anal play but you can use it for normal play, too. It is designed to be long lasting, which I can vouch for, it surely does last the distance! Why pick a 100mtr sprint, when you can have a marathon, right?

Nexus Slide Water Based Lubricant

NEXUS was formed in 2005 and is a popular brand name that is known internationally for their good quality products, which has, in time, won them multiple awards. The most recent award was from the ETO’s for the ‘Best Sex Toy for Men‘ of the year. They pride themselves on a mixture of initiative design and high quality material products.

The Slide comes in a black, sleek 150ml pump bottle.

It is a fragrance free water-based lubricant and you don’t need much at all. I pumped a small amount into the palm on my hand and that is all I needed to get the job done. It slowly soaks into the skin, leaving you feeling smooth with a thickness that acts like a good barrier. It does not leave that horrible stickiness that some lubes leave behind. In fact, it feels like I’ve just got out of a shower, feeling fresh and massaged baby oil into my skin. Silky smooth is exactly what I would describe this lube, making me feel.

Ingredients; 20130721_093409Aqua, Glycerin, proplene glycol, hydroxyethlcellulose, 2-bromo-2 nitropropane-1, 3- diol, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate.

Nexus have the Slide on retail for £6.99 GBP. For 150ml’s and a good lube, I would be more than happy to pay this price.

You would pair Nexus with sex toys, rather than lubricants but this year, things are a-changing in the Nexus HQ. What with their Nexus Wash and now the Nexus Slide lubricant, I really hope they do carry on with this essential trend and bring out more lubricant products.

When Nexus had kindly sent me this product to review, it arrived adequately packed in a discreet cardboard box. There were no signs on the outside of the parcel to show that this came from an adult product company, it was also address correctly and in clear detail.

Would I recommend this lubricant to others? YES YES YES (Meg Ryan style), it’s a good water-based lube, fairly priced and you are getting a fair sized bottle.