Nexus Douche Review

Some times we all need a good clean out and this is where the Nexus range Douche Intimate Cleaner, comes into play.

NEXUS was formed in 2005 and is a popular brand name that is known internationally for their good quality products, which has, in time, won them multiple awards. The most recent award was from the ETO’s for the ‘Best Male Sex Toy Product‘ of the year. They pride themselves on a mixture of initiative design and high quality material products.

Nexus Douche NonReturn Valve

A douche is a douche, right? What’s so special about this Nexus Douche? Well, for one, it has a smooth finish to it, it doesn’t feel like the average cheap douche that you can commonly find in adult retail stores. The insert tube is slim and fits perfectly into your anal passage. The Nexus Douche is made from a high quality rubber (bulb) and ABS plastic (tube – Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

This product comes in a sleek rectangle black and turquoise coloured box, with a picture of the product on the front and details of the product, on the back cover. With in the packaging box, you will receive one Nexus douche and a guide on how to use this douche and clean it.

Measurements: Bulb – 4.6″ x 10″ tube – 4″ x 0.5″

I like that the bulb has a flat top to it, this makes using the douche a lot easier, in my opinion. You get a better grip and you are able to control the amount of pressure that you can induce, when you are squirting the water into your anal passage.

When you first get your nexus douche, I would advise to give it a clean. You do this by removing the tube, inserting water to the inside of the bulb, by squeezing the hole in some water. Give it a good shake about (remember to cover the hole with a finger) and then expel the water by squeezing the bulb. Personally, I did this a few times, just to ensure it was clean.

To use, remove the tube, again squeeze the bulb hole in a sink of water, replace the tube. Lube the tube to your desired amount and then slowly insert the douche tube, into your anal hole. Try to relax, whilst your squirt the water into your passage, you can control the water flow by squeezing the bulb by the desired pressure. As you pull the tube away, clench your bum muscles and when you have the urge to release the water, do so. Alas, your douching is completed.

Once used, ensure you give your douche a thorough clean BUT only use water for the bulb, you can use soapy water for the tube and then I would advise to use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner (Review of the Nexus Wash – click here). I would advise to not share douche cleaners, keep one for you and one for your partner.

The Nexus Douche Intimate Cleaner, retails for £9.99 GBP’s. Would this be a price that I would happily pay? Yes it would, it’s a good quality douche and with the right cleaning routine and storage, this will last you a fair while.

When Nexus had kindly sent me this product to review, it arrived adequately packed in a discreet cardboard box. There were no signs on the outside of the parcel to show that this came from an adult sex toy product company, it was also address correctly and in clear detail.