Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang Review

Ever since I touched VixSkin Maverick, I was craving more. Or maybe less. As good as it is, it’s not really a spontaneous toy. This is where VixSkin Mustang comes in with a more slender and easygoing design.

Mustang is a slender dildo, but it’s pleasantly long sex toy and perfectly capable of thrusting. I wasn’t expecting much because of the size, but I was very keen to see how it would hold up to the larger Vixens. It has a simple and stylistic design which is a bit cartoony than realistic. It has a bit of a love/hate factor going for it. It is 7 inches (18cm) long with about 6 inches (15cm) insertable. The circumference is 4 inches (10cm) to 5 inches (13cm).

To put it simply, I was blown away by the VixSkin Mustang. The slender shaft is covered by generous amounts of super squishy silicone reminiscent of marshmallows. The head and the underside of the dildo is particularly squishy. It comes at the cost of the second part of the dual density design; the inner core that supports all this softness. The core is firm but fairly thin, and using Mustang anally is initially a bit of a challenge. Not that it’s too big or difficult to handle, it’s just that it flops around a bit and won’t penetrate easily.


It can be used static and just clenching around it’s very nice, but it really excels with thrusting. The tapered shape allows it to glide out almost by itself, but it won’t pop out easily. The head is too bulbous for that. It’s super comfortable and the suction cup base enables alternative ways of using it. The base is also firm enough to provide a stable surface and grip when needed.

I had almost written it off because of the seemingly petite size, and compared to my first Vixen it’s terribly small. But to my delight, that has nothing to do with the stimulation it can provide. While not intense per se, it definitely has a unique and likable feel to it. Producing waves of enjoyment with each thrust. It’s gentle but can be used roughly. Vixen mustang coupled with a standard masturbator was the key to one of the more enjoyable orgasms I’ve encountered. Long lasting and satisfying.

I’d imagine this would be absolutely perfect for couples wanting to experiment with a strap-on too. Guys, you can take it up the butt without problems and it will feel good. Strange at first, but good. Just remember to use a good quality lubricant solo or single. Water based is the best option. Something like Wicked Jelle.

Vixen Creations Vixskin Mustang vs Maverick

Here we have VixSkin Mustang next to the big VixSkin Maverick. And as with the latter, Mustang is easy to maintain and is cleaned with soap and water. A dash of toy cleaner or a quick boiling disinfects the toy thoroughly. Being pure silicone the dildo is non-porous, odor free and long-lasting. It’s very detailed and seamless which is always nice. It can easily be stored in the neat tube packaging it comes in to keep the dust away.

I have tested a lot of dildos that are great, but Vixen takes great to a whole new level. Mustang is surprisingly potent and has a lot to offer. Its flawless design, high quality yet squishy silicone and the meaty feeling are all reasons why. I’m not to fond of a review turning out as me yapping over pure greatness. But it works, and it works better than the rest. I love that it’s simple and effortless to use. No need for warm ups or worrying about uncomfortable poking while playing. VixSkin has proven to be the most fleshy feeling dildos out there, and I really dig it.