Lelo Siri 2 Review

That’s it, I put my hands up to LELO and say “Bravo” to making my body feel like I’ve just gone 10 rounds with Hugh Jackman! And yes, that’s a damn good thing to be shouting about.

The LELO Siri 2 is the revamp of the LELO Siri, a clitoral stimulator with 1 mission……to bring you to your knees!

LELO have stepped up their game and released, what I would claim as a revolutionary aid to helping women obtain LELO Siri 2 orgasms. OK, so I maybe bigging up a sex toy but it is worth it! Combining ambient noises around you (from music to your partner’s voice) and strong vibrations, this is a massager that every woman needs in her bed side draw.

I had kindly been sent the Siri 2 to review on behalf of LELO, which comes from their line of Femme & Homme sex toys.

I was wondering how a vibrator would work with it being a vibrator paired to move on the basis of sound. But I think I was thinking a little ahead of myself. When I was playing about with the vibrator, I closed myself off into a quiet area and focused on the vibrations. I could hear undertones of music that was forming the different vibration modes. It was pretty awesome to listen to but had to keep listening, just in-case I was imagining things but nope, it was there.

Unfortunately, the ‘Ambient Sounds’ that were suppose to help with the Siri 2, weren’t something that I could decipher but I didn’t really care too much, until I read the instructions and came out of my blonde mode and all I can say is WOWZER!

The Siri is made from 100% silicone, it has a somewhat velvet smooth touch to it and feels great against the skin. The handle is made from white ABS plastic and has 4 different operational buttons on the upper side of the handle. An arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing down will move you through the 8 different vibration modes and the -/+ will take you through the speeds.

To turn the Siri 2 into it’s music mode, hold both the arrow up/down buttons together for 3 seconds and then you will be in the music mode. To come out of this mode, hold the arrow up/down buttons again, for 3 seconds.

The Siri has a travel mode, which will switch the vibrator off during storage or whilst in your luggage. To activate this, hold the -/+ buttons down for 3 seconds, to come out of this mode, again hold the -/+ down for 3 seconds and you will come out of it.

To switch the Siri 2 on, simply select the + button, until vibrations start and to turn off, select the – button, until it turns off.

This sex toy is body safe, phthalates/latex free, is non-porous and is 100% waterproof. Yes, you read that right, bath time play is a must! It measures 4.2″ in length and 2.1″ in width.LELO Siri 2

I did feel a little overwhelmed, when I was trying to work out how to use the Siri 2but gave in and read the user manual. The music option to this clitoral stimulator is a brilliant concept. Once this mode was switched on, I placed it on the table and flicked through songs on my ipod. The slow beats of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing pulsed through the Siri with the power of Thor but settled down with the smoothness of a man caressing my private parts. But I went one step further and put on Bon Jovi’s ‘living on a prayer’. It’s safe to say that anything rock like in music, will never be directing any future sex toys of mine! Although, I had to admire the energy the Siri 2 put into making me smile.

The RRP for the LELO Siri 2 is around £130.00 GBP, which is a total steal! I would have thought a sex toy of this stamina would have been around £150.00 but it’s good to see a sex toy that is quality made and designed, for a some-what affordable price. With the Siri 2, you receive a warranty card, a sachet of lube, a velvet storage bag and a USB-to-Siri charging lead. The lead fits any mobile phone type charger, which I thankfully have loads of, hanging about! But if you do not, then it would be worth considering purchasing a plug to go with this, although you can charge the Siri 2 from your laptop.

Recently, I have felt a little deflated with the attempts of LELO’s new direction in sex toys, they were pretty much a hit or miss and never spot on. But with the Siri 2, LELO have definitely hit the right spot.

Lelo Siri 2 Music Clitoral Vibrator Purple

Lelo SIRI Version 2 Black Luxury Rechargeable Massager

Lelo SIRI Version 2 Cerise Luxury Rechargeable Massager