LELO Alia clitoral stimulator review

The Alia is an oval shaped clitoral stimulator, it has 6 variable vibration patterns, with speed (+/-) controls that allow the user to control the vibration speed from a low setting to an intense speed setting.

On one side of the Alia, you will find 3 buttons, 1 x +, 1 x – and 1 button that allows you to move through each vibration pattern. To switch on the Alia, simply press the + button which starts up the toy’s lowest vibration strength. To switch the Alia off, all you need to do is press the – button until the vibrations stop.

Lelo Alia Deep Rose Luxury Waterproof Rechargeable Massager

The outside of the Alia is made from a body safe silicone, which is FDA approved and the inside ring of the Alia is made from metallic plated ABS material. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is just another form of a thermoplastic. Both materials are non-porous, latex and phthalates free, making this sex toy product 100% body safe. An extra bonus is that the Alia is 100% waterproof, although I would be hesitate to let it go further than a 1 meter depth in water, which is also advise in the product’s warranty booklet.

The Alia comes in a smooth, sexy & sleek black rectangle box , that displays a faded Alia on the front of the box and a simple ‘LELO‘ title. On the backside of the box, you will find the product’s information, how many speeds, what it’s made from, what type of charge it is, how long it charges for,m full 1 year guarantee and a short paragraph that informs the buyer about this enchanting clitoral stimulator.

Opening up the box, I slipped out a firmer black matte box. It’s like opening up a Russian doll toy, out pops something smaller each time! Popping of the lid on the matte box, I found a shiny deep rose colored egg, calling for me to take it out, stroke it and admire it but I had to get this review on the road, so I put it down and rumbled through the rest of the box. The Alia comes with it’s only satin dust cover bag, a small brooch in the shape of the LELO symbol, a small sachet of LELO water-based lubricant moisturizer, a warranty booklet and let’s not forget the charger, after all the Alia is a mains rechargeable product.

To charge this product, place the charger’s female insert into the bottom end of the Alia. There is a small hole that you can see on closer inspection of the toy. This hole is self sealing, therefore it does not effect it’s water proof efficiency. It takes 2hrs to fully charge, leaving you with 4 hours of play time to enjoy this little star! When charging, you will see a flashing LED where the operational buttons are, once the Alia is fully charged, this LED light will stop pulsing. When the Alia is running out of power, the LED will flash.


Length – 3.6″
Width – 1.3″
Girth – 6.2″

This product really is all kinds of sensual; it’s smoothness is undeniably sexy, running the tips of my fingers over the Alia’s curves instantly threw me into a daze of excitement. The contrast between the 100% silicone shell and the metallic ABS center gives you 2 extremes, from silky smooth to cold steel.

After waiting for my toy to charge, I had a flick through the vibrator settings and found that there are 2 x vibrations and 4 x pulsations. It’s a bit fiddly at first to move through the vibrations, as you have to hold down the middle button firmly, you can’t simply just breeze over the button as it has no effect. I did find this to be a slight annoyance during use as I had to stop to put enough pressure on to flip through the stages. You can move through 9 stages of speed strength by using the -/+ keys, now these are easier to flick through whilst in use.

Lelo Alia Black Luxury Waterproof Massager


Unlike a bullet, the Alia is a lot easier to use as you can loop your finger through the middle of the toy to get a good grip. As this product is silicone, I would advise to only use a water-based or cream-based lubricant.

To clean, is fairly easy. All you need is hot soapy water or even a sex toy cleaner, which you can purchase here. They have their own affordable and decent sex toy cleaner (click here) for £4.95. I found that you needed to use a cotton wool ear bud, so you can get into the indents around the Alia’s buttons.

As this product is a clitoral massager, it’s only good during foreplay. However, you can give your man a treat with the Alia, by running it over his manhood, balls or even his under carriage, whilst you get down to business. Ladies (and gents), I highly doubt your partner will complain, give it a go!

The Alia retails for £63.99 GBP, yes that is a high price to pay but you are paying for a high end product, good quality, durable and a toy that has a long life expectancy. It’s worthy the pennies if you are willing to save for a fantastic product.

The only thing I would have liked out of the Alia, is that it had a stronger vibration speed but that is my personal choice. However, it is a good little ‘must have’ for anyone lady looking for a good buzz