L’Amourose Paramour Partner’s Pleasure Set Review

I had previously been given the opportunity to review the L’amourose Rose Rouge vibrator and I was left stunned, my body wanted more and safe to say that I would have shouted from the roof tops about this exquisite sex toy, if I could get away with not receiving some warped form of an ASBO.


Opening up my box of naughty goodness, I was greeted with the L’amourose Denia and the L’amourose Paramour. Looks like I’m in for a good February!

The L’amourose Paramour is a set with 3 different sex toys in it; The Mae, Lana and the Clark.

The Paramour set comes in three different colours of Black, Pink and Turquoise. I received the black set. With the L’amourose Paramour, you receive a charger, adapter, charging dock (which doubles as a wireless remote control), 1 x vibration bullet, 1 x Mae sleeve, 1 x Lana sleeve, 1 x Clark sleeve, instruction booklet, large velvet storage pouch, 1 x warranty card and a sachet of water-based lubricant.

The vibration bullet is a simple oval design, which has a silicone rivet that is on the outer casing. The bullet is operational on it’s own by simply holding down the on/off button for 3 seconds, to turn it off hold the same button down for 3 seconds. The bullet is made from ABS Plastic and is not 100% waterproof on it’s own but once paired with which ever silicone sleeve, it becomes waterproof due to the silicone seal.

The bullet measures 5.7 cm’s in length, 10 cm’s in diameter. It has a rechargeable battery life of 1.5 hours.

When the bullet is paired with one of the sleeves, it is a simple sex toy but once you add in the control pad, it becomes a Mae +/Lana +/Clark+.

The control pad to the Paramour set is something that interests me. You have the ability to ‘record’ 10 seconds of a certain vibration movement and the control pad will loop this over and over again, until you slip back into the normal operational mode.

There are 5 vibration settings, to get to these modes, simply press the ~ on the remote side of the charging dock. To control the speed and intensity, you run your finger over the rubber pad, which can be fun. I did find this a bit fiddly to get the hang of but once I found what-is-what, I grew more confident with using the pad to tease and please.

To use the memory function, select the M button. The M button will light up and during this time, it will record your movements on the control pad for 10 seconds. This 10 second recording will continue to loop, until your next recording or until you come out of it and select the ~ button.

I know, it does sound complicated but I assure you that once you are use to using the control pad, it will be much simpler for you.

To charge, turn the remote control over (so the rubber surface is facing down) and plug in the charging plug. Then all you need to do is place the vibration bullet on top of the charging dock and allow it to fully charge, which takes around 2 hours.

All the attachments and the bullet are pretty easy to clean; I used a warm clothe with soapy water and then an anti-bacterial sex toy spray.


The L’amourose Mae is a love egg sex toy but can also be used as a clitoral vibrator. The sleeve is made from 100% silicone. To use, simply place the bullet into the Mae sleeve, ensuring that the seals on the bullet are matched with the Mae sleeve. The Mae has an 8cm tail, which allows you to use the bullet as an internal love egg that youl’amourose Mae can easily remove.

With the remote control pad, the Mae speeds and vibrations are:

5 Normal Vibrating Modes, 12 Speeds
2 Touch modes
1 customized Mode (Memory mod)

In use, I really did like the Mae, it is simple, has a variation of speeds and vibrations that suit me. The Mae fit with ease and was just the right size to be used as a love egg.

If your partner is the Dom in the relationship or if you simply want to be teased, this is definitely the sex toy for you! The L’amourose Paramour remote pad has a 15 meter distance to which ever product you are using with it. I was a bit doubtful that it would stick to the promised ’15 meters coverage’ but was happily surprised to find out that it actually does work from that distance.

The Mae gets a thumbs up from me as a love egg and a clitoral stimulator.


The L’amourose Lana is a dual stimulation sex toy, that has a stem that is inserted into the vagina, whilst the bullet rests on the outside and pleasures your partner, during intercourse.

The sleeve is 100% Silicone.

With the remote control pad, the Lana speeds and vibrations are:l’amourose Lana

5 Normal Vibrating Modes, 12 Speeds
2 Touch modes
1 customized Mode (Memory mod)

I walked into testing the Lana, with a dubious mindset. After products like the We-Vibe 3, I just didn’t expect big things from the Lana. And I was right in my thinking!

The Lana’s shaft is approx. 9cm’s in length but the silicone is move and flexible.

Using the Lana on my own, it was ‘fine’ and that was all it was, simply fine. No ‘ohhhhs’ or ‘arrrrrrrs’ from this damsel. If I pushed the shaft into my vagina and didn’t have the bullet on my clitoris, then yes, I could feel the effects and enjoyed the vibrations but it was too much effort.

I am 5″10 in height, obviously not a short lass but I feel that the Lana would be suited to someone of a Kylie Minogue stature.


The L’amourose Clark is a cock ring. One side homes the bullet and the other side has a silicone ring that fits around a man’s base of his penis.

This cock ring is 100% Silicone.

5 Normal Vibrating Modes, 12 Speedsl’amourose clark
2 Touch modes
1 customized Mode (Memory mod)

L’amourose state that the Clark fits ‘most girths’, so I had to test this out. The Clark measures 3cm x 3cm but at a max of stretching the cock ring section, I could only get as far as 3″ wide and 2.5″ in height. Mr Monkey is pretty well-endowed, so it was a bit of a struggle (he measures just under 6″ in girth). Although, a snug fit, Mr Monkey tried the Clark on from being soft and gradually hardened, as I teased him with various vibrations.

If you like different variations in speeds and vibrations and like a stronger vibration, then the Clark is a cock ring that you must try. After a batting a few thoughts between ourselves, we came to a conclusion that the Clark may actually be good for men who suffer with ED (erectile dysfunction) problems or issues with staying hard for a decent length of time.

l’amourose paramour set

Ododi.com, currently have the turquoise and black sets of the L’amourose Paramour in stock, with an RRP of £136.00 GBP.

But let’s compare the prices of each sex toy if purchased separately. The Mae has an RRP of £76.00, the Lana has an RRP of £76.00 and the Clark’s RRP is £76.00. But when you add in the wireless remote control, the RRP’s jump up to around £119.00 GBP.

I personally feel that the L’amourose Paramour set is fairly priced, all of the sex toys that come with the set work well, hit that spot and are made from quality materials, so yes £136.00 is pretty much a steal!

My one issue is with the Lana, if this couple’s sex toy had a longer shaft length, then I would be a happy bunny. My fella and I had a play about and we found that if the shaft part was 13 cm’s in length, rather than it’s 9cm’s, it would be a much better experience all round.

But the Paramour partners set has something for everyone and this is a set that I have to say you NEED to try out for yourself.