L’Amourose Prism V: In Which I Listen to My Body

The L’Amourose Prism V deeply confuses me. Not because I don’t like it, but because it took everything I thought I knew about how I liked my vibrations and upended them completely.

Normally, I’m a fan of relatively pinpoint vibrations. I would actually say that “fingertip vibrations” is more accurate. The Crave Vesper would be far too pinpoint for me, while most wands are far too broad. My sweet spot is usually the tips of G-spot or clitoral vibrators (think We-Vibe Touch, LELO Siri 2, or Mona 2).

So imagine my surprise when I find myself totally getting off to the side of the insertable head! Not the tip. Not inserted. Nopety-nope. At some point, I had turned the Prism V onto its side. And it was totally blowing my mind.

Prism V versus Rosa

Let’s compare the two L’Amourose models that I own: Prism V and Rosa.

Physically: Prism V has a smaller maximum diameter, a more pronounced curve, and a thinner neck. While Rosa has two motors (one in the shaft, one in the base), Prism V has only one. As a result, Rosa is a bit rumblier and provides clitoral stimulation for some users. And, of course, Prism V has a handle while Rosa has a flat base. This means that while Rosa was suitable for anal, Prism V is not. Both are submersible and are made with the same lusciously smooth silicone.

Settings: Because Rosa has two motors, it has 7 modes (you can use either motor independently or have them alternate) while Prism V has 5. They both have 12 intensities of vibration. Turned all the way up, even I am hard pressed to distinguish between the two when holding them in my hands.

Cost: the Prism V costs £99 while Rosa goes for £159.

My Experience with the Prism V

For the past couple months, orgasms have been hit or miss and it seems to depend on a variety of factors: Hormones, toys, the direction of the wind… I couldn’t – and still can’t – really pinpoint it. What I do know is that the Prism V gave me two good, strong orgasms on consecutive days.

The first day, I was already primed when I pulled out the Prism V. I was lost in thought when I suddenly wondered why it felt so much better this time than it did during any of my previous testings. I looked down and realized I had shifted my grip on the toy’s handle such that the buttons were facing to my right, rather than facing my belly.

At first, I “corrected” the positioning. It didn’t take long to realize that my body had been right all along. I twisted it back to its weird side position and helloooooo there! Yes! Finally! A long, strong orgasm, the likes of which I hadn’t reliably felt in months.

The second day, I was really genuinely surprised I was able to orgasm at all. Sometimes if it takes longer than 30 minutes, my clit and my brain just give up. They’re out. They want to move on to a more literal interpretation of Netflix & chill. But no, this time I cranked up the power, freed my mind, and the rest did follow.

Let this be a lesson: I need to experiment with unorthodox toy usage more often.

Is It a Case of The Rumbles?

Both Prism V and Rosa are more rumbly than the Mona 2. For many reviewers and customers, this means they are automatically better. For me personally, rumblier is not always better. Here’s a surprising thing: The We-Vibe Rave, which is probably the rumbliest vibrator that I own, is actually too much rumble for me personally.

So, in my clit’s opinion, the Prism V is actually just the right level of rumbly. It’s enough to carry the vibration through the internal arms of the clit, but it isn’t so rumbly that it completely forgoes that light tickle feeling that just a hint of buzz provides.

Bottom Line

I love this thing. If you’re going to buy a luxury vibrator and you want something that’s multi-purpose, body-safe, well-made, and is more reasonably priced than anything in LELO’s lineup…

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