Kiiroo Internet Connected Sex Toys

Over the years, I have come to expect a lot from the internet. Like the way that it connects me and countless others to people who would otherwise be unreachable. Ever had one of those long chats until early morning or wished you could connect even more to someone special? Be it a partner, a cyber crush or a soul mate – things are looking up, in a way I did not expect to come this soon. Kiiroo.

You may have heard the news earlier – from the vault of Indiegogo’s sex toy category. Enter the world of teledildonics, and.. cyber-masturbatonics(?)!

Kiiroo is an absolute gem in the sex toy world. From the early days in 2014 with crowd funding and a small start, they’ve improved everything and are now just about ready for launch. They form a company that values sleek and discreet designs, they work with real people to get their stuff together and they have built a super classy website. I love that the entire concept is gender neural, clean, simple and friendly. This is a product category that could easily fall into the trap of stereotypes and marketing fluff. I applaud Kiiroo for taking the lead for innovation and equality, and doing it with style.

So the products, yes. The début products consists of a vibrator called Pearl and a masturbator named Onyx. These devices use touch sensitive surfaces coupled with bluetooth and internet connections to communicate and transfer data and tactile feedback. The vibrator is a one way device that signals other Onyx units, and the Onyx is a two-way device that can be used either be used with a Pearl vibrator or coupled with another Onyx. As of now the vibrator is not anal safe, but that might change in the future and bring some interesting stimulation for both.

One interesting thing apart from the fact that the products are absolutely sharp looking is that the Onyx has an inner sleeve made by none other than Fleshlight! Kiiroo teamed up with the industry leader in male masturbation – and combine that with ten contracting rings that simulate touch and intercourse, I think we are in for an absolute treat.

The Onyx can receive touch data from another Onyx (it’s done with the glossy touch panel on the casing) which is a very interesting thing in my male-oriented world. Plus it can also be used solo for those who prefer it that way, it has a few automatic modes to choose from. The toys are of course wireless and rechargeable via USB.

The products connect wirelessly to any computer and syncs through Kiiroo’s own servers and adult social media/interaction platform.

It’s almost unimaginable how this will affect people in long distance relationships, or those doing online dating. One thing is for sure, if it works well it will connect people in a way that was never possible before now. People, that for some reason aren’t able to have an intimate connection can finally get that in a way. It’s an interesting development and a true eye opener to how fast things change and how fantastic this is.
The Future

So far I am very impressed, and I am happy to see a true evolution in the sex toy industry. As a company that seemingly does everything right and in a very tasteful manner, I suspect this is only the beginning. I can see this being used and developed for so many different uses, not only for lovers but for people who may not be able to have physical contact. Maybe it’s because of health, disabilities, location or something else entirely.. It would still be possible to have a connection.