How To Improve Your Date Nights

Ideas for the ladies

Whilst enjoying a romantic meal use your foot to run it seductively up the inside of his leg. See how composed he is as you do this while he’s ordering his meal.

Conversation is very important, find a good balance between talking about you and talking about him. Ask him questions and laugh at any bad jokes, show you’re interested in him and his life.

Don’t restrict foreplay to just the bedroom; use strawberries dipped in chocolate to stimulate the senses as you feed them to your partner whilst in the dining room or kitchen, for the ultimate turn-on try blindfolding him.

How about wearing a pair of crotchless knickers whilst meeting him for a drink, whether he finds his way into them doesn’t matter you will feel incredibly sexy either way.

Ideas for gentlemen

Always consider the ambience of a restaurant, choose somewhere with romantic lighting and cuisine you know she’ll love. For a touch of class how about ordering a bottle of champagne?

Women take their time over choosing what outfit they wear and you should to. If in doubt a well-tailored suit will keep you looking sharp.

Do you go clean shaven or with designer stubble? Many women find 10 days of stubble incredibly attractive but find five days of stubble the least attractive. If in doubt get the razor out and go clean shaven.

Lastly in case the evening goes brilliantly and you find yourself getting lucky always make certain you have a couple of condoms in your wallet. Any responsible man will consider the importance of safe sex and you don’t want to appear reckless. Consider wearing a delay condom so you last a little longer or ribbed to increase her pleasure.