A Guide To The Female Orgasm – Boundaries

This pillar is about self exploration – specifically masturbation.

Understanding your own body, what you like and dislike in the comfort of well you and only you will set you up for pleasurable orgasmic experiences with partners. After all unless you plan to choose sexual partners solely based on their psychic ability you have got to know what you find pleasurable.

This means a voyage of exploration and experimenting. And guess what because you have decided to take this part of the adventure solo, what you do stays with if you if you wish. So don’t be afraid. Firstly I would implore every woman to take a long look at what they have got going on downstairs. This visual representation of your genitals and arousal not only lets you get to know your own unique brand of vagina but also starts to feed your imagination with imagery to add another sense, aiding future arousal.

Again a huge part of arousal is in your mind once you can conjure up the exact image of your plump labia your brain can start talking to that labia telling it what to do. Remember the neural pathways that men create when seeing their erections from Territory…

You Don’t Need a Vibrator for Self Love

Another big tip when it comes to this self love exercise is simulation. By this we mean set the scene. Take a bath, relax, dim the lights make your bedroom the kind of sanctuary you would want to make love in and then make love to yourself. Take your time and get back to your erogenous zones building up the sensations. Something we would suggest during the times where you are searching out knowledge to impart on future sexual partners is to step away from the vibrator. This is about exploring the kind of sensations that will be replicated by another human and I’m afraid humans don’t vibrate.

Understanding your likes and dislikes and how far you wish to go with a chosen partner is very important in the context of pleasure. If you are uncomfortable or feeling pressured because you are trying things for the first time with a partner this will inhibit your pleasure and the experience can swing to being very unpleasurable. That’s not why we should be having sex after all, so some time to think about these things is really good.


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