Choosing The Right Condom For You

choosing the right condom for you

A condom is the only way to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections. There is no excuse for not wearing a condom and with so many different varieties in lots of colours and textures there is a condom suitable for everyone.

You can purchase condoms designed with many different features such as extra safe, non-latex for allergy suffers and flavoured for oral sex.

Flavoured Condoms

Available in delicious and exciting flavours they help make oral sex a safe and fun experience, a good use for them is if you’re concerned or self-conscious about taste, they take this problem away so you can both enjoy oral sex. Flavoured condoms are used the same as normal condoms so can be an effective method of protection as well.

Large Condoms

If you are blessed with a bigger than average penis to avoid the condoms splitting during sex these may well suit you better. They can measure up to 241mm when the average size is approximately 178mm.

Non-Latex Condoms

If you are allergic to latex regular condoms can cause you problems, made using materials like polyethelene or polyisoprene they offer a very natural feel without compromising on the protection they offer. Many people not allergic to latex choose to use these because of the better feel.

Ribbed Condoms

A great way to spice up your sex life without reducing protection, there are many different forms of detailing with ridges dots and bumps all helping to offer additional stimulation for both partners.

Sensitive Condoms

These are normally 20% thinner than standard condoms, they increase the sensations and offer a more lifelike feel. They still have comparable strength and durability of standard condoms as they are made from premium latex.

Delay Condoms

Within each condom a small amount of anesthetic is added which reduces the sensitivity of the penis helping to delay ejaculation and prolong pleasure. They are normally thicker than regular condoms to reduce stimulation even further.

Extra Strong Condoms

If you have any concerns over the reliability of a condom it can be very off putting. In order to provide the additional security and safeness these condoms are thicker than normal which many people find useful for anal sex as they are less likely to split which can sometimes be an issue when indulging in anal sex.

I hope you have found this guide useful – please check out our range of condoms here and remember, stay safe!