FX Deluxe Silicone Power Cage Review

I’m always on the look out for a sex toy that could make amazing play time with my fella a little bit better.

Don’t get me wrong, he is a glorious ray of sexual desires, in the bedroom but it can’t hurt to try and prolong certain experiences, can it?

I am up for the grueling challenge of putting my man slave through his paces in our bondage sessions, I mean, some one has to in the name of product testing!

The FX Deluxe Silicone Power Cage is produced by Pipe Dreams. I am not a fan of Pipe Dreams, especially since they took advantage of a well-know celebrity and the leakage of her privacy. But putting that a side, I am a reviewer and have to approach supplied products with a clear and balanced view.

The Deluxe Silicone Power Cage is a cock cage made with the view that it would be a non-medical and non-invasive option to help those who live with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or issues with staying erect for a long time. It is made from 100% silicone and comes with a battery operated small bullet.

The bullet takes 3 x LR44 batteries, which are included with the bullet. There is no information to say what the bullet is made from but I will hazard a guess and say a plastic coated ABS plastic. The bullet is 100% waterproof, according to the packaging.

This product is phthalates free, contains no latex and is non-porous. Although, as there is no material information included in regards to the bullet, I can not vouch for what it contains.

The cock cage has a fair bit of stretch to it, there is a loop that you can place around the testicles and on the top side, is where the bullet is situated. Where the bullet is held, there are small nubs that are supposed to stimulate the female’s clitoris, during sex.

This cock cage measures:

Full length – 5.2″
Sheath length – 4.6″
Ball cradle – 1.4″ x 1.4″
Bullet – 2.1″ x 0.9″

Ododi currently have the FX Deluxe Silicone Power Cage for sale, with an RRP of £24.95 GBP. With the cage, you get a pipette of water-based lubricant and a pipette of sex toy cleaner.

In use: The cage has a fair bit of stretch to it and happily slipped onto Mr. Monkey’s penis, which has a rather thick girth to it. The ball cradle didn’t feel restricted too much, it actually felt pretty comfortable.

Unfortunately, neither of us felt the desired effect that the bullet was supposed to give out but the bullet is a single speed and it seems to be weakened by it’s silicone holding place.

I was surprised that the effect that it had on my hubbyy, it kept him hard for longer and the enjoyment that rippled through both of our bodies, during intercourse, really was something that every couple should experience!

The downsides to the Silicone Power Cage, is the lack of power that it gives out. Others may like the soft vibrations but I’m a power-house freak. It is easy to clean and with it being waterproof, lots of bath-time fun is to be had!

I can see this working for men who do have erectile issues, it fits snugly on the penis and really does help maintain the hardest of a man’s erection.

It’s a good little cock cage, give it a try.