Fashionistas Glass Bunny Tail Review

The Fashionistas Glass Bunny Tail, is a small anal plug made from black glass with an overall outstanding presentation of its self.

The product packing is made from a see-through plastic, which allows the consumer to view the anal plug and to see the treat that lays in store for him or her! On the back cover of the box, you are shown all 7 products in the Fashionistas range and gives you a small paragraph of what this product is about. You are also told that this anal plug is Phthalate free and that it is glass.


Holding the Bunny Tail in the palm of my hand, my eyes were drawn to the patterns that comfortably wrap themselves around the plug’s body. The body of the plug is glossed black with silver patterns of trees and dancing fairies in a woodland. The tail of this butt plug is made from real puff feathers, they feel extremely soft and sensual, when run across your naked body.

The Fashionistas line comes from Icon Brands, which is a company based in California, USA.


Full length: 22cm’s
Plug length: 8.2cm’s
Tail length: 12cm’s
Plug circumference (biggest): 11cm’s

As this sex toy is made from glossed glass, it doesn’t need a lot of lubricant, to insert. I preferred to use a silicone based lube but a good point to keep in mind, is to try to not get any lube over the tail end of the plug, as it will ruin the puffed feathers effect.

The Glass Bunny plug was easy to insert and comfortable to wear but I was weary over the feather tail, which took away part of the fun for me. But this doesn’t mean it has to spoil the fun for you!

I do like glass sex toys, mainly because you can have fun with sensory play (Hot and cold). The glass will warm up pretty quickly, either in the palm of your hands or dipped in a glass of warm water. The same goes for cold sensations, dig the plug end into a bowl of cold water for a few seconds and your set for your play time.

When it comes to cleaning this beautiful glass piece, be careful of the tail end. I found that simply using hot soapy water and a flannel, did the trick. After the anal plug had dried, I squirted some LELO sex toy antibacterial cleaner over it, to ensure that it was once again clean and ready to use.

The RRP is £49..99 GBP but is that a reasonable price to ask? You’ve got a good quality glass anal plug with a neat and unique design on it, as well as having real feathers used for the tail. I would prefer to see the price at £40.99, mainly due to its size. For £49.99 I would have hoped to have received a medium/large version. But then again, you can’t argue with good quality!