Futurotic clitoral stimulator review

The Futurotic clitoral stimulator with floral prongs is produced by Cal Exotics , an American based company.

This sex toy is made up of a sleeve with floral type prongs, a tear drop shaped bullet (1.5cm x 3cm) which is attached to a remote control unit with a high/low switch on each side. There is also a small bottle of talc/fragrance free powder that comes along with this toy.

Revealing the product, I really wasn’t impressed with the toy’s packaging. I have reviewed many products with non-vulgar product boxes but this is my first vulgar package. There is a picture of a woman, squatting down, wearing a see-through bodice. The floral sleeve/bullet part of this toy is plastered between her legs, to me would be very suggestive. The box’s writing is in an illuminate pink, which for me is hard to look at and I have to move the box close to my face to read it.

Looking at the product information, there is nothing on the box to say what type of material this toy is made from. I find this a little bit alarming as it is made from SensaFirm. Sensafirm is made from at plastic elastomer variation (TPE) and is a delicate material. It is made to feel like real skin but in doing so, it has it’s down sides. You should never leave Sensafirm products out in the sunlight, it needs to be stored in a cool dark place. It is a porous material, which makes it harder than non-porous to clean, it shouldn’t be inserted inside the body. It is usually advised that due to porous materials easily gathering bacteria and germs, that a condom should be used in conjunction with it. But as this toy is not used for inside the body, as it is not body safe.

The sleeve of this toy had a dissatisfying smell, even after washing, it still lingered. The only way I can explain the smell was to compare it to the plastic on a barbie doll.

When cleaning, you should always used warm soapy water or an anti bacterial solution (excluding acetones/alcohol). Clean this thoroughly after every use. However, the product I was sent turned out to be in poor condition.

If you wish to use lube with this product, please only use a water-based lube due to the Sensafirm material being sensitive. Silicone based lubes could aid in the break down of the Sensafirm.

All the components were wrapped up in plastic, which to me would be reassuring, if the product was in good condition. The sleeve felt very greasy to the touch but the oily feel disappeared after an hour of being aired. Taking a good look at the sleeve, I was very disappointed to find that there were 2 weak parts in the material, it looked like a clean split. After further investigating it actually looks like this product’s sleeve has started to disintegrate whilst it was within the package. I put that to the back of my mind, hoping that I could balance this review out.

I placed two AA batteries into the remote and played about with the 2 speed controls. The pear shaped bullet is lightweight, it’s not the strongest of bullets but if you were to use it on it’s own, I would assume it would be a typical common bullet. The remote hand control is made from plastic, it feels cheap. I would be worried that this unit would break pretty easy.

I placed the sleeve over the bullet on the clitoral stimulator. I was expecting a glorious pink exhilarating flower, as the product’s box promotes but the reality was that this flower was replaced with something that resembled a dead squid. Not very pleasing to the eye at all! I marched on, thinking it may perk up once the power was switched on. My positive thinking deflated, the floral prongs did nothing as they depressingly laid there, 1 or 2 prongs moved a little but there was no sign of this fantastic flower that was on the front of the box.

The non-talc powder was the only good thing about this product. Smoothing it into the floral sleeve, it moisturizes it, which I would assume would aid in a longer life span but unfortunately the life span of the product I received had been and gone
I feel I can not write a biased review on this Cal Exotics product. There really isn’t anything that shouts out at me about this product being good. The conception, to me is not workable, maybe if Cal Exotic’s was to change the floral sleeve/prongs for something different, it may work. I started product reviewing to bring an honest opinion to Jo public about sex toy products available. I have to be as honest as I can be and unfortunately it pains me to say that I feel this product is cheap, distasteful and not worth the RRP of £18.99.