Tenga U.S. Double Hole Review

I was very curious about Tenga U.S. Double Hole Cup. The male sex toy concept with two entry points for some penis on penis action is genius and makes it very versatile. The two ends has different textures for a slightly different experience.

Similar to other Tenga Ona Cups, the Tenga U.S. Double Hole is a single use product. What makes it different is one hole in each end. Each one has a separate canal, so there won’t be any skin contact when using this. It is a simple plastic cylinder with soft TPE filling. The different ends are called sweet and bitter and have slightly different textures. Both ends are ready for use and pre-lubricated. Just inside the openings are foam donuts soaked in lube for an even distribution upon insertion.

Tenga U.S. Double Hole Cup

The texture in Tenga U.S. Double Hole is just ok. I can’t say I notice a big difference between the two ends. Both has small bumps, but one has shallow ridges as well. One end is a bit tighter and the texture is not as pronounced as the other. To be honest this is the least stimulating Tenga Masturbator I have used. The sleeves are so thin that it doesn’t have much to offer. It is perfectly fine and does its job, but it’s not as fulfilling as other products out there. It is more comparable to the Tenga eggs.

It works well with double penetration with two men, one from each side. It feels nice to glide against each other, even though there’s a thin layer of TPE in between. It works really well and enables simultaneous stimulation of two men in one go. Orgasms provided by Double Hole is not particularly overwhelming and feels short, but being able to effortlessly share it with someone makes up for that. For solo use, I’d get something else. This is the start of something good – I do hope they’ll continue improving it further.

Tonga U.S. Double Hole is made to be used once, and it shows. The sleeve is not removable and as it isn’t open all the way through – cleaning is very tedious. There are a slit in each sleeve to allow some airflow, but water get in between the sleeve and the plastic case when cleaning. It also has more foam in there and it’s non-removable increasing the complexity of cleaning and drying. It ends up stinking and tearing quite easily.

Tenga U.S. Double Hole Overall

I think Tenga is really onto something here. Discrete design and nice materials that doesn’t smell toxic or feel oily. As a simple masturbator it does its job, but it may be a tad boring. The two ends feel almost identical. It works well as a double masturbator though. I still wish it was larger to accommodate better textures and I prefer the reusable types of masturbators. Less waste and less money.

Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator