Tantus Raptor XL Review

The big brother of the Tantus Raptor Dildo entered my office and demanded a review as well. Here it is. Even though it is much bigger than its predecessor the design is slightly tweaked to allow easy use.

The Raptor XL shares a lot with the smaller version. Its strikingly, sparkly orange color, firm silicone, tilted base and perky balls up on the shaft. I get the same strange sensation with this as with the smaller one – my brain tricks me into expecting it to smell like an orange. Weird. Like all Tantus toys it does not smell much at all. And of course it is still made of body safe platinum silicone, which is non porous, boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe.

The finish is impeccable with no seams or defects. I experienced a few air bubbles on the small Raptor, but nothing like that is present on the XL. It’s probably because of the smoother curves.

Tantus Raptor Comparison

Here you can see the comparison between the two. The size difference is quite substantial. The XL is just under 9.4″/24cm in length, but only 5.7″/14.5cm is insertable. The widest part is 6.3″/16cm in circumference and 5.3″/13.5cm just before the balls.

The Raptor XL has the same feel as the Raptor on a surface level. Both have a slightly grainy texture and a glossy smooth head. It is pretty darn firm but not uncomfortably so, and I usually prefer softer insertables. At this size it is pretty hefty, and with the firmness it sure makes a statement. If you are an aspiring size king or queen then this would be awesome for you.If you are just starting out, I would suggest you go with the small one.

It does need its amount of lube to slide around comfortably. A thicker type would be best, especially for anal use. The texture adds a bit of drag which feels sort of skin-like . Other than that it is pretty much without any noticeable texture, veins or bumps.

During use the size increase is definitely noticeable, but because of the redesigned egg-shaped head insertion feels smoother. However it’s not as tapered and does not slide easily into place like its smaller brother does. And that ridge under the head is now smoother, but still very much noticeable. It feels great! I have heard it’s good for g-spot stimulation too.

Tantus Raptor XL

The balls are just as perky as before, and I must admit I love them – I never risk taking things too far. It is a toy that is more filling than directly stimulating.

If you are curious though, another nice thing about the Raptor dildos is that they are designed for dildo harness use. The tilted base helps the dildo point the right way when worn, and the balls up on the shaft makes it easy to mount and keep securely in place. It also gives the wearer some extra length to work with, without accidentally being too much for the receiver to take. And as it feels fabulous up the butt for anal sex play – I’d say go for it if you are into strap-on play!


Tantus toys are easy to maintain. They are all cleaned with soap and water before and after use. Sex toy cleaner or wipes would do. But you can even boil, or throw them in the dishwasher.


Now this has been an informative and well-balanced review, hasn’t it? I just don’t want to repeat myself too much. Check out the review of the Raptor for more details. Yeah, they are that similar. The only real change is the head and size.

The head, perky balls and tilted base is what makes a regular straight dildo something unique that I am glad to have in my collection. It is a great toy – both big and filling but not overly so.