Manufacturer Feature – Tenga

Tenga continues to produce a wide range of innovative and creative products for male masturbation that will have you cumming back for more and more.

The company was created in 2005 and in an effort to change the public’s perception of adult toys the name Tenga, meaning in Japanese elegant and righteously arranged was chosen. In their first year of production the company’s products took the market by storm selling one million units. They now have cumulative sales of 19 million and are available in over 40 countries. The company looks to continue to create top quality products developing new and exciting concepts in male masturbation that leaves you feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

Designed for single use the Onacups, 3D masturbators and Eggs all offer you something different, but for more regular use I would suggest the Flip Hole which comes with its own three different lubricants mild, real and wild.

The Onacups can be controlled by each of the special design features. The vacuum strength of the Deep Throat Cup can be adjusted by releasing and pressing the air hole. The Soft Edition Cup allows you to grip and knead the tube altering the pressure to suit your preference, whilst the Rolling Head Cup will stimulate the head of your penis by rolling.

Each Egg is different from the wedges found in the Stepper Egg to the rippled waves found in the Egg Wavy. Discreet at just 2.5 inches in length the Eggs stretch to 8 inches in girth and 12 inches in length to accommodate all shapes and sizes. They all come pre-lubricated and if careful, by purchasing extra lube can be reused. Which one will you prefer?

The 3D masturbators come in an array of styles but all with a 1 inch entry hole and shaft length of 4.5 inches these are designed for the guy who enjoys it tight.

If hand held masturbators are your thing then you can also consider buying Fleshlight Girls and Forbidden Fleshlight both sold here at Vibrators and Sex Toys.