Enjoy Great Holiday Sex

Everybody looks forward to some time away from the daily grind. The thought of that forthcoming holiday gets us the excited as the holiday departure date draws near. While it is known that the sunshine and freedom of a holiday can boost your sex drive, it might be too much to expect you will automatically have great sex because you are on holiday and have more time alone and together.


Get yourself into the holiday sex mood before you leave telling yourself it is the perfect time to re-ignite the sex flame that has gone out. Buy all your lubricants, condoms and other necessities before traveling.

Before you go

Don’t forget to pack those all-important lubricants. You never know when the passion gets ignited and the last thing you want is to get caught short. Sex lubricants are available across the world but it is always advisable you take your own as you cannot be certain what the foreign lubricants contain. We all hear stories that people use in-appropriate products in place of a proper lubricant which leads to adverse reactions in their genital areas. Not only does this cause discomfort it also ruins the sexual atmosphere. Not only that, it generally results in an embarrassing trip to the nearest emergency room!

When packing your lubricants make sure they are suitably packed in the right packaging. If you are packing sex toys, you will need to pack suitable toy cleaner. Make sure you fill a 100ml bottle only if carrying in hand luggage. Larger bottles will need to be correctly packed in your main luggage.

Forget the figure

Around 90% of women are in a constant state of worry when they are getting ready for their holiday. The main cause of this worry is their figure and how it will look when exposed by the pool or at the beach. Don’t let this stress you out. If you don’t have that perfect bikini body you want don’t worry. You will find that your partner will love you for who you are and the confidence you ooze when you show off those curves!

Flaunt it if you’ve got it, if you haven’t then throw on a sexy kaftan or sarong and you will soon have it! The perfect accessory to make you look good at the pool or beach.

Get your accommodation right

If you are taking the children on holiday and budget allows try and book an interconnecting room so you still get privacy. Put them to sleep and then enjoy some intimacy with your partner while they are fast asleep in the adjoining room. If the holiday is just the two of you then book aluxury hotel which has an included spa as this will surely spice up your sex life and re-ignite the passion that has been lacking.

Holiday clubs, a great invention!

If it is a family holiday you are on then the first thing to check is does the hotel run a children’s club, and if so sign up the kids immediately? Sending the kids to the holiday club gives you some alone time to relax. Drop them off and come back to bed and enjoy some great un-interrupted sex! Then enjoy the rest of the day with a smile on your face.

Protect your assets

There is nothing worse than irritation in your intimate areas which will surely put you of having sex. Always change out of wet clothes before heading out for a walk or lunch. Make sure you are prepared and have all the right products to prevent soreness and to treat any fungal growth. Remember, it is no fun getting irritated because of that bit of sand which has found its way in.

It’s fun to indulge in some foreplay

If the children are in the room you might feel a bit embarrassed to have full penetrative sex. If that is the case try some foreplay, it is just as good and can sexually satisfy you too. Throughout the day flirt with each other to get in to the mood. If it is just you and your partner then tease and please each other through some heavy petting.

Always take time out to talk

A holiday is the perfect time to spend quality time with each other. Make use of this time to talk and listen as through this you can understand your partner completely. This closeness will boost your sex life and bring you together. Daily life is busy and most of the time it is hard to sit together for a period of time and talk. Take this holiday time to bring the passion back and chase away the conflicts or relationship problems you have been having. It is good to talk.

Enjoy the food and drink and stay sexy

Holiday is the perfect time to enjoy the food and drink the country has to offer. However, if you plan on getting down to some serious sex, go easy on the wine and resist the dessert trolley. Over indulging might just ruin the plans you have made for that night of passion and if you are a man, you probably won’t rise to the occasion.

Boost your energy

Holiday is the perfect time to revitalise yourself. The pool is perfect to get in as much swimming as you like. Perfect exercise to use all the body. IF you don’t have the energy or stamina how you going to have passionate sex all night long! Regular exercise will also help you feel good and shed some of the excess weight you might have piled on.


Being on holiday takes us out of our normal sex routine and give us the opportunity to experiment and try new things. Try different positions, sex toys or even some bondage play. You might just enjoy it and it will most definitely bring the sexual spark back. Don’t just keep these new experiments to the holiday. When you return home incorporate a ‘holiday day’ into your routine to keep your sex life active and interesting.

Whatever you do while on holiday the most important thing is to ensure you enjoy it. Whether you have lots of sex or just a bit, try and incorporate more sex into your life.

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