A Guide to Buying Stockings and Suspenders

The perfect way to take underwear from hot to smoking, stockings and suspenders are the ultimate in sexy attire for the bedroom. Whether you like the all sheer look, a bit of fishnet or some black lace, there is something to suit your tastes, and get your partners heartbeat racing!

However, when it comes to stockings and suspenders, there seems to be some shades of grey, and we don’t mean 50…Our quick guide will tell you what’s what and get you on the road to picking the perfect sexy underwear.

Hold Ups

Quite possibly the most commonly bought item of lingerie, hold ups are the ones that you will be able to get your hands on first in the shops.
Why are they called hold ups? Well, because they stay up on their own… pretty obvious, hey?

The hold ups have an elasticated strip cleverly hidden by a bit of sexy lace, and this holds them in place, ensuring that your ensemble looks gorgeous no matter what you’re up to in it…

There are many styles of hold up and with so many to choose from, you can experiment to your heart’s delight. Red, fishnets, black, patterned, white, seamed, opaque, sheer, glossy… I can go on…

Want to incorporate your hold ups into your everyday wear? No problem – go for over the knee hold ups and wear them with a sexy sixties swing skirt and a pair of platform shoes to be totally up to date with your wardrobe style this season. To be honest, they just look amazing no matter what way you wear them…


They don’t stay up on their own and they need teaming up with a suspender belt… stockings are quite possibly one of the sexiest things a woman can wear, and they are flattering to the majority of body shapes.

They look pretty much the same as hold ups, only they are attached to either a corset or a suspender belt with elastic. Perfect for those who like a little bit of vintage injected into their look – they seem to have an appeal that is classically sexy, as opposed to in your face look at me sexy. You won’t find as many options available as you would with hold ups, but who cares? They look amazing no matter what colour or pattern you go for.

Suspender Belts

If a pair of stockings are the star of the show, then a suspender belt is the supporting act!

Depending on your body shape and where you like to wear your underwear, you can wear them on your hips or waist – wherever flatters you most. They have four straps that clip to your stockings meaning they stay up however you can purchase some that have more.

The belt is the piece de resistance of a lingerie look and shows whoever you are wearing it for that you mean business…

Wear what suits you

When it comes to stockings, finding the style that suits you best is what it’s all about; if you want to defer away from your everyday style, there is more than one way to kink it up in the bedroom.


Classically kinky; the fishnet stocking isn’t something that you would wear outside of the house, making it even more sexy that your partner will only get a glimpse in the bedroom.


Gives the legs a matt appearance with a slight sheen, leaving them looking sleek and sexy.

Wet look

For those who want to kick it up a notch – shiny and sexy for the BDSM babe.

Cuban heel

Reinforced heels and soles give the legs an elegant look and the black seams hark back to a vintage era.

Black seams

When stockings were first invented, black seams were inevitable as this was the only way to make them. Now, it’s a statement and the thin line at the back of the leg elongates the calves and thighs and adds a kitsch twist to bedroom attire.

Putting them on

Nowhere near as hard as what you are expecting…

• First put on your briefs, followed by your suspender belt. Let the straps hang over your briefs.
• Roll your stockings up your legs rather than pull – this avoids getting ladders in your stockings.
• Sit down to attach the stocking to the suspender clip – standing up will only allow you to put them on at an unnatural height.
• First clip the front clips to the stockings, followed by the back. Allow the fabric to be clipped into the rubbery part of the stocking clip.
• Take the loop of the clip and place the larger end over the protruding circle, allowing the material to sit in-between.
• Pull the loop upwards and allow the part where the stocking band is to be pushed down towards the narrower end of the loop. This will keep it in place.


How To Choose Your Perfect Lingerie