How To Choose Your Perfect Lingerie

Lingerie Guide for Women

Sexy Lingerie Guide for Women

Inner speaks more

Shopping for lingerie has always been a difficult part for almost all women. The self consciousness that keeps on probing about the body shape has an effect over the purchase. Time immemorial has seen that women are keen to get the perfect lingerie on them with the intention to attract their lover’s attention. Highlighting the physical assets of a woman has been the final aim for most of the lingerie manufacturers.

Sexy lingerie forms an intimate part in a wardrobe of a woman who is more passionate and confident about her body. Choosing the right lingerie to feel sexy is of utmost importance for a woman who wants to look desirable, comfortable as well as sensual to her lover.

Women should be aware that all men necessarily need not like the lingerie worn by his companion. Men are in fact totally excited by erotic and revealing lingerie like half cup bras and thongs or garter belts in exotic colouring and they also like to see more of their lover which ignites their emotions.

A woman’s lingerie speaks more about her than what she wears outside. This shows her true taste and opinion in herself and her desire for her intimate partner who would see her. So attitude plays an important role in the purchase of one’s lingerie. If the woman is too modest it is best to go for something which will fit your mentality rather than feel awkward with sexy lingerie. On the other hand, if the lady is all set to venture out and shock her partner then the most appealing lingerie that will suit her body becomes the top criteria.

Skin tone

Obviously the colouring and the tone of a woman’s skin plays a lead role in choosing the right lingerie. Lot of women select colouring which does not emphasize any features. Mostly there is no difference where the lingerie starts and where the woman’s skin is exposed. Lightly tanned ladies can go for colours that are a bit dark so as to highlight their features. Blondes or women with a pale skin should choose light pastel colours and in lighter shades of purple, pink or blue. Brunettes have the privilege to wear rich and b colours like heavy green, blue and rich purple. A red head is totally privy to colours with earthy tones. White, black and rich red are special colours which suit to anyone.

Women with dark skin tone or of ebony type has the largest choice to choose from. All powdery colours and pastel shades look best and contrast to their skin. Colours could simply entrance the best feature and draw attention to the highlights of the woman’s figure. When flattering colours are used, they appear simple but are highly effective.

When a woman wants to highlight her particular body part, she can accentuate it with double toned colours. Dark and bright colours with some embroidery or lace draw more male attention to that part of the body. Lighter tones can be used for the opposite part which might balance the total effect of a woman’s body. Double colours can also be used to make a point on the best parts. Dark and light shades alternatively used always balance the body features. But plain dark colours give a slimming effect when light colours often draw eyes to the obvious bulges around the body easily.

Women should flatter their body with colours that would best suit them and make them look more appealing to their men. Looking washed out in dull and unsuitable colours will not give you the desired effect. Colours that are chosen should naturally blend with the colouring of the hair and eyes too.

Right Fabric

Perfect lingerie is not the design or look but is the feel that it enhances in a woman’s skin. All the right colour and style would go wrong if it is of the wrong fabric and it continues to itch, cling and stick on to the body rather than complimenting. Choosing the right material which would match the body type makes an important aspect of lingerie. The material should not be either too clinging as it may stick in odd places or hanging off to distort your figure. If one wants to hide a large breast or a belly it is better to stick to silk or cotton. These may give you the right cut.

For comfort and practical purposes, flimsy and revealing lingerie may go well on a small and petite figure and a soft and sturdy design sits well on women with an athletic and b built body. The right choice can be made by taking a trail dressing in the shop itself and decide what fits perfectly without any discomfort.

The right lingerie should enhance the woman’s best features and draw attention to her soft curves of breasts and hips. Shoulders and legs are other features which really attract men and revealing them in good fashion goes a long way in self esteem too. The dress should be free flowing and loose enough to hide feature if the woman wants it.

Many different lingerie materials are the silk, satin, lace, leather, Lycra, cotton, velvet, and the PVC which is not a very obvious and frequent choice by women. Cotton is a practical choice for daily usage. Cool and comfy during all types of weather. When the woman is in a particularly engaging and sensual mood, the right fabrics are silk, satin, and lacy lingerie line up to the need. Absolute sexuality is exuded with velvet or leather or fishnet lingerie. The best way to decide is to touch and feel the lingerie. What your mind cannot decide can be easily decided by your tactile sense. So, follow the heart and grab what makes one feel right.

Choice based on Body Type

Finally one should have a critic look in the mirror and decide upon the shape of the body. There are obviously certain body types in which most of the women would fit in. It is perfectly understood that all women are not happy and comfortable with their body types. They are personally aware of their positive and negative features.

Light and loose fitting lingerie is best suggested for women who are tiny or small in their middle and if one also has very small breasts divert the attention to your longs legs or rather cute bottom. Even large bosom sometimes bears an inconvenience to some women and they can use lingerie with stretch or tight materials to help their breasts look smaller. Petite lingerie is all the same in vogue as they are for the plus size lingerie shops. Short woman should not choose long or oversized lingerie which would make them look tiny and obscure. Also tall woman should not wear something which would look skimpy and very short. It is better to show off your legs.

Small and Petite Beauty

Women who are petite need not worry about being tiny. They have the advantage of fitting into anything they want and still ooze out their sexiness. Men always have a natural tendency of being protective of anything that is small and being attractive is an added package. Other than tugging the opposite sex, the right lingerie type gives that self confidence and esteem which is irresistible. Shimmering and loose lingerie enriches the figure and if it is a gown, a long slit makes one appear to have long legs and look taller.

With bold colours petite women can add more dimension to your silhouette. A demi-cup bra which is slightly under wired without much padding will pose a natural and bustier look. A camisole with the right amount of tightening under the bust may give that slight lift which will definitely enhance the top and make it more voluptuous as well as sexy knickers with a low hip line will allow a better view of that sweet little derriere curving sensually. Some lacy ruffles will also give the added figure a petite woman craves.

Pear Shaped Passion

Pear shape is the body type of women who are smaller on the top than their bottom. Having smaller busts and having a curvier and rounder bottom emphasize this body type. If the woman has great legs, better to start showing it off. Lingerie with more straight cuts without sticking out the hips would look great on them. Pyjama set made of silk is more comfortable or a camisole and matching pants will avoid the major problematic areas.

Sexy chiffon or an opaque satin would be the perfect sensual lingerie to feel great without being self conscious. Usually light flimsy materials that cover the middle or stylishly cut two piece lingerie is often great looking on women with this body type. Exposing a flawless neckline and shoulder often ignites the partner and sets off the beauty of the woman.

Chemise, camisole, teddies and flirty little night gowns will solve the problem for pear shaped women with their wide hip. Even a stylish bra with a miniskirt that matches or a boxed short may give the necessary comfort and style.

Full Figure Fantasy

Women who are endowed with natural large busts or have a cup size of C or D would have to be concerned with balance. They should go for lingerie which are available in pre-moulded shapes with poly foam and hold the breasts in place.

Highlighting their busts and lovely bottom takes them to the pinnacle of sensuality and symbolizes their sexuality. They appear great in any lingerie like teddy or camisole or a corset. Baby dolls look absolutely fabulous and stunning on these women. The deep décolletage that comes with a cowl-neck totally accentuates their cleavage. Corsets and bustiers are natural choices to give the perfect hour glass figurine which is so ravishing and always on the fashion throe.

If a bit worried about the weight, the woman may choose dark colours as it will slim down the appearance and also will give you the naughty and bad girl look which most of the men think to be sexy. The full figured woman need not worry about trying to push her lover’s eyes to her sexy attributes. She just has to point the direction subtly and dress up a bit.

Tall and Athletic Ravishers

Tall and elegant women have the grace to show off their long legs which always linger in the dreams of men. A lover finds them to be incredibly sexy with a classic style. The traditional garter belt sets them off and places them above all the style.

Even the sexy shorts or a corset would highlight their slim figure. Going topless is also an option on a hot day and can make your lover have the hots for you. Exercising would give the perfect rounded bottom which will allow these women to wear anything they fantasize. A see through fabric which ignites kinky thoughts about them is enticing enough a push up bra and slightly sexy panties. The tightness of the dress can be carried off sensuously by these types of women.

Plus Sized Figures

Women who have are absolutely overweight or have a natural big bust with many other different shapes can show off their best feature and still be totally awesome especially with plus size lingerie. A beautiful corset or a bustier is ravishing on a woman with big chest and make her to appear voluptuous. Dark colours always hide the drawbacks and give an added effect when combined with the right skin tone.

Teddy and baby dolls look best on a heavy woman and an underwire bra is a great fit and gives the right lift for heavy or sagging breasts. The cleavage sets off the companion spaghetti straps do not suit women who have wide shoulders. It is better to be off with wide and lacy straps with lot of ruffles. Or even an off sleeve will be a great style to go with.

Women who are not satisfied with a good waist line should be conscious enough to break the dress and go for two-piece lingerie. So camisoles and matching pants or a set of seductive pyjamas would give the sexy figure and hide a lot of unwanted exposure of flesh. The illusion of a natural curve shall be gained with this.

Belly bulges can be well hidden with lingerie of silky polyester and attention should be drawn to the neckline, shoulders and added cleavage. Lingerie which provides sufficient tummy coverage is the best fit and also maintains the self esteem that is most required.

Women with a heavy bottom should say a big no to thongs or G-strings since they give more attention to the back. Baby dolls or bustiers with gorgeous panties will allow them to enjoy on any beach party or fooling around a pool. Even a boy short gives ample coverage to the bottom and accentuates the round derriere to the maximum.

Extraordinary thighs can be covered with close fitting gowns or baby dolls with lots of bounce and flounce of laces that tantalize the viewer with a glimpse here and there. Dangling clothing and ruffles make the thighs appear to be slimmer than they originally are. Also women whose legs are a bit short and chubby can go with a black panty hose with matching slippers and reveal more legs. High cut chemise of baby doll with lot of legs to be seen is a sight for sore eyes.

Finale Touché

The real secret of dressing is to know the right choice of style, colour and cut which will match the body type. It is obvious that there is a design for every single body type in today’s lingerie choices. One has to simply decide and make sure if the choice of lingerie is to satisfy the self or to attract her lover before purchasing. Men usually are more attracted with lot of exposure and bright colouring. A woman should first know whether her man is a breast man or loves a hot bottom or just swoons over long and well defined legs. Every man has a privilege to his tastes and if a woman dresses for him she should be well aware of this.