Tantus Alumina Motion Review

Tantus Alumina Motion is one of the last remaining remnants of the awesome Alumina line. It is a great sex toy you can get at a huge discount before it is gone for good.

Tantus is a really great company known for their awesome silicone toys. This however, is something a little different.

The Alumina Motion anal sex toy is made out of solid aluminum, aeronautic grade no less, and it does have a heavy feel to it. It’s anodized with a gorgeous purple color and is completely smooth and satiny feeling.

The genius part of the Alumina range is that the toys consists of two parts that can separate and combined with others. It’s just a simple screw in the middle. That’s why the little black ring is there. To keep everything sealed nicely. I do not know what it is made of, but it seems to be some kind of rubber.

Alumina Motion measures 8 3/4″ (22cm) length, with a circumference that ranges from 1 1/2″ (3.5cm) to just over 4″ (10.5cm).

The first thing I love about the Motion is that it has two different ends for different stimulation. And both ends feel great, and substantial. The smaller end provides a great popping sensation over each bulb, and is perfect for warming up with gentle thrusting. But the end feels a bit pointy if I am ever to rough with it. The motion glides relatively easy with a good lube, but it does have a slight friction to it.

Another thing I love about the Motion is that it retains heat and cold great. Room temperature feels chilly at first but warms up over time, and when it body temperature it feels even warmer than my internals for some reason. That heat even spreads through the entire toy. It is pretty hot.

It is super sturdy and is perfect for some pin point anal stimulation. I only wish it had a slight curve to make things a bit easier.

Tanuts Alumina Motion

It’s presented in a gorgeous black cardboard box with foam inserts, and the whole thing shines of quality. It is great for storage after use.

Cleaning is a snap with water and soap. It is just as easily sanitized like silicone toys. Squeaky clean with no hassle and will not hold on to any smells what so ever. Fantastic! Also, feel free to experiment with lubes as this baby can handle anything.

One thing is for sure, I can’t see a reason Tantus would discontinue the Alumina line. Hopefully it is to introduce a whole bunch of new and improved designs to blow others out of the water. But until then, I really do suggest you pick up one! It is only $39.99 and limited quantities remain.

It is a great quality toy unlike anything I have seen. It is hefty and feels very nice. This is a toy that will surely outlast myself. Combine it with the awesome looking Flow, for some even more filling sensations by the looks of it.