Gold Vibro Balls Review

Since the 50 Shades hype, hit our stores, there has been an increasing demand for sex toys. I have personally noticed that people are swaying towards Kegal Balls and similar items.

For me, Kegals are an intrepid part of my sex life. After having 2 children, I needed to get my kegal muscles, back up to scratch. So I tried Kegal balls, which worked wonders. But then I took this a step further and figured that these balls could play a handy roll within my sex life. So I trawled the internet, reading reviews and asking people on social networks, what their thoughts were.


I moved onto pleasure balls, the same as kegals but apparently with a bit more edge.

Before leaving work to start my journey home, I would pop into the ladies toilets and insert my selected vibro balls and be on my merry way. They definitely got me in the right mood!

So, when I was approached by Ododi and asked if I would review their product ‘4 Gold Vibro Balls‘, I was more than happy to answer with a yes.

The Gold Vibro Balls come in a cardboard pink box with a (pretty much) naked woman on the front, displaying her Gold Vibro Balls in an erotic posture. There is little information on the materials of this product on the box but a short description of what the balls do.

Taking the Gold Vibro Balls out of their package, I was a little disappointed by the material. Not so much the balls themselves but the string that attaches the 4 balls. It is nylon based string, not at all hygienic to say the least.

The balls themselves are made from ABS plastic and covered in electro painting. In total length, this sex toy product measures 17 inches. They are phthalate free and body safe.

To insert the Gold Vibro Balls, use a lubricant of your desire and then slip the balls into your vagina. I found that hitching one leg up made this a lot easier to do.

I was able to wear these kegal type balls for around 40 minutes, as I did the house work but I found myself having to tense up a lot more than I desired to do. I simply put this down to the balls being a little on the small side and would have preferred them to be of a bigger size.

Removing them was very easy, as there is a looped end to the string.

To clean, well this was the harder part. The balls were easy to ensure that they were thoroughly cleaned but the string, it just simply soaked it’s self. Not something that I like in a sex toy, I do clean each product after use and the thought of not being able to keep these Vibro balls 100% clean, just annoys me.

As for my experience with the Gold Vibro Balls, I really wish I could say that it was a good one. As a customer, you need to know your products are body safe but how can these Vibro Balls be just that, if you can’t keep the string clean?