Five Head Wartenberg Pinwheel Review

Let me introduce you to the Five Head Wartenberg Pinwheel and the rippling effect of joy, pleasure and fulfillment that this shiny beauty beholds in each of it’s sharp pins.

I have never actually used a 5 headed pinwheel before and was extremely eager to give my new toy a test run.

Rouge Stainless Steel 7 Wheel Pin Wheel

The Wartenberg Pinwheel is solely made for sensory play and it sure does a good job of this! Tfive head wartenberg pinweheel he feeling of the cool steel spikes, trailing across my bare skin, makes me shudder at just the pure thought of it.

Sensory play is all about sensations (obviously) and awaking a person’s nerve endings, which in turn, makes for a better play session with your partner. Although, if in the frame of mind that you want to relax, I can see this Pinwheel sending you off to dream land (well, as long as it’s not dragged across your skin!).

I do like light sensory play, I am not into hard-core, more soft-core, from wax play to anything that awakens my body with a much needed kick to the erogenous zones. Plenty of fetish stuff to choose from on Ododi.

The Five Head Wartenberg Pinwheel, is a rather hefty device, for it’s size. So, when it comes to use, you do not need to place any pressure on the skin, just simply run the 5 heads over your dearly intended and get that heat rising (but do keep in mind that you are not supposed to draw blood),

This Pinwheel measures 6.1″ in length, 3cm’s in width at it’s largest part and has 22 pins per wheel head. So that means that 5 wheels x 22 pins per wheel = 110 steel pins altogether. Each of the pinwheels work individually, which adds to the fun of using this beaut.

It is made from stainless steel and can be boiled to sterilize it before and after use. It also comes in a black and see-through plastic storage bag, which is fab and will keep your pinwheel nice and clean.

Rouge Claw Pinwheel Scrather

In use, it wasn’t Wartenberg wheel review inful but felt like a well deserved massage. The needles do leave a slight track along the skin and after around 3 minutes, those indented tracks turned into (what can only be described as) little red identical dots. But the feeling of pure relaxation and arousal, was something that I hadn’t counted on to flare up. If you thought the normal Pinwheel (with 1 head), was exciting, you will love this big daddy version!

For some reason, my skin seemed to tingle in a cool nature, for about 25-30 minutes after use. Not a bad thing at all, I actually felt a bit more energized. I could get use to this kind of energy shot! You will also find that your skin is slightly more sensitive after using this Five Head Pinwheel. To me, this screams that I need to use this Wartenberg Pinwheel, before delving into any wax play. Imagine how surreal the feeling of that warmed wax, dripping on your body, would be? Heaven!

I would honestly recommend this Wartenberg Pinwheel, to anyone, whether you are treading water into sensory play or a seasoned member, this steely delight will make your toes curl!