Happy National Orgasm Day!

As today is a National orgasm day, I felt I would share a short(ish) erotic story that I wrote, myself. Don’t be shy, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Happy reading 🙂


Curled up next to the window, looking out into the never-ending drops of water that are hitting the ground with an urgency that I can not explain, I realized he wasn’t coming tonight.

Yet again, I’d been let down by him. It was always the same old story, everything else came before me. When was I going to realize I was meaningless to his ego? Highly doubt I would but I was a crazy fool, especially when it came to his masochism.

Looking at my phone, there were not messages, no missed called. He hadn’t had the decency to even let me know I was being stood up but he will tomorrow, he always did. What excuse would it be this time? The usual would be something like “I got caught up with work and lost track of time” or “I promised just 1 pint with him down the pub but then we got to talking, 1 turned into 4 and before I knew it, 11pm had hit”. Either way, I knew I’d let it slide.

8pm had come and gone by now, the sky was a rolling blank blanket, angered by the coming thunder. The air’s electrifying cloak brushed my humid skin, inviting me out, telling me I needed to be free. Since being a kid, I loved walking barefoot through the grass in the rain, I was never scared of storms. Mother nature is a beautiful but somewhat cruel thing to witness. I pulled my socks off, placed my glasses on the counter next to me and walked towards the conservatory doors. The click of the door unlocking added to my calmness, it felt like freedom, the hairs on my arms pricked up in excitement. I stepped outside into the rain, inhaling in the fresh air with a mixture of what was left lingering from the evening’s humidity, the summer heat had been cooled down by the outbreak of nature’s tears and anger.

I stood outside in the rain for a few minutes, letting the water trickle down me. My chest slowly rising and falling, the feeling of the water streaming over my breasts, added to my tension, I needed that release! Slipping my shorts off, leaving them on the patio, I walked forward, towards the sea of greenness. Only in my black laced panties and blue cotton vest, I really did hope the neighbors weren’t watching, although, the thought of strangers overlooking me prowling, was a turn on. I could feel my lady parts twinging at that realization, I wasn’t just wet from the rain.

My top was now damp, my hardened nipples were poking through the material, begging to come out. My right hand removing the estranged locks from my eyes, my left hand relaxed above my panty line, I walked forward, towards the apple tree, where the garden bench rested. Inviting me to feel it’s dampened wood, my skin brushed the oak’s smooth seating as I planted my body down to rest.

Sitting there, I could see a shadow forming in the upstairs window of the house overlooking my garden. I would imagine ‘he’ was watching me like an eagle, my every move anticipating his eagerness to fulfil an urge. He’d grab his pulsating cock, stroking it, teasing himself, pleasuring his imagination with the thought of my lonely body wanting his touch. ,

At that thought, I parted my legs, my hand slowly gracing my wet skin, moving up towards my panties. Losing myself in the moment, I slide my fingers into my lace knickers, feeling the wetness of my pussy juices greeting me. I ripped off my underwear, allowing the rain to feel my forbidden areas, I laid there for all to see. Slowly my middle finger starts to circle my clit, a feeling tingling up my tummy, wanting more, more than I could give myself at that exact moment. But just as I’m relaxing, I hear the ‘click’ of my garden gate opening. Sitting up like a bolt of lightning, I’m not alone! Was it that shadow, taking a step closer to fulfill his natural urge?

Staying still, like a cat, I sat and watched. The figure standing at a good 6ft, moving towards my conservatory open door but he stops, it looks like his feet are shuffling about on the patio. It’s only then that I realize that he’s found my shorts! The movement of his figure suggested that he was looking over towards me. Do I panic? Do I scream? What the hell am I supposed to do? Or do I just go with it?

As he moves closer my body anticipates his every move, I’m sprung like a meerkat alerting its group. I hear his voice calling out to me “Angela, are you there?”. Relief shivers throughout my body, it’s only Ben.

“Since when does 8:40pm, equate to 7.30pm?” I replied in a pissed off tone, not that he would register that.

“Ang, I’m sorry, I really don’t have an excuse to……” His pause caught me off guard, he had stopped in mid-flow, he’d seen me in my soaking wet vest, no panties. Moving closer he just sighed, inspecting my body, homing in on my perked breasts, my erect nipples sounding off his own bodily alarm,

His hand reaching out for me, his long fingers brushing my cheek before mapping out his route down south. Neither of us saying a word, he pulls me up to him, nuzzling his warm face in my neck. The feel of his lips brushing my skin, I needed to snap out of his hypnotizing ways, before he got his own way. In theory I would!

His hands were moving all over me, until they rested on my hips. He settled down, fully focusing on tasting my lips, my strawberry lip balm had him stuck to me, He moves away, to gently whisper in my ear “lets take this off, shall we”, removing my vest, leaving me naked to the night’s air.

My nipples were as sharp as bullets, piercing his t-shirt, I wanted to rip his clothing off, reveal his muscular chest but he wouldn’t allow me to. His left hand found its way towards my neck, moving around and resting on my throat. At first his grip was soft, caring, could have been mistaken for playfulness but his grip hardened, his eyes widened. In the dark, all I could see were the whites of his eyes grow, I could make out a small smirk around his lips, he had me now!

Pushing me up against the tree, the rough bark grazed my back. As I yelped, his grip around my throat tightened, he enjoyed the control he had, the voice inside me wishing he could hear, begging he tighten his hold. My bare feet were no longer in the silky smooth grass, their blades no longer breezing my bare skin but now, the sludge of the mud from the flower bed grabbed me, molding around my feet. The thunder storms were rolling in, breaking out the sky’s need to unleash. The flashes of lightning were lighting up above us. Looking over to the neighbor’s house, his shadow was still there, not moving, was he judging?

Ben’s foot parted my legs, pinning me up further against the tree. I could feel the sharpened edges of the bark slowly digging into my back. I would usually complain but it added to the moment. My pussy was gushing with wetness, needing Ben in me. He must have sensed that, as his grip loosened around my throat. His hands cupping my FF breasts as he bites my nipples, not nibbling but biting, making me flinch with a welcoming pain than ran throughout my body. The silence in me was no more, I had to let out the moan “hmm harder”. My request was adhered too.

He wasn’t anywhere near finished with me, my body was his to abuse. His right hand sliding down my cold stomach, parting my legs, as he teased my clit, slowly circling, listening to me groaning, begging for him to fuck me, he grins “not yet” his response was to my body’s begging ways.

The rain smashing down heavier, slapping my skin, the sensuality of the night paired with being fucked good and proper, really did have me wishing I could have more than he could give me. He slips his middle finger into my tight wet cave, then a second finger. My hips move in time with his rhythm, riding his hand. My left hand grabbing the back of his neck, pulling him into me, forcefully kissing and biting his bottom lip. Our eyes open, reading each other, not having to speak a word, he turns me round, my hands pushing up against the tree, my legs locked into place, I hear the zip of his jeans undoing. His hand brushing over my pussy, 2 fingers parting me as he slips his bulging cock inside my wet pussy. Slowly he moves, enjoying his power over me. I feel his hands massaging my lower back, I start to push into him, he grabs my arse cheeks “STAY STILL!” he demands.

He’s in control, he always was with me. I could try to fight his superiority but I’d never come out on top, believe me, I’ve tried!

Closing my eyes, I could feel the tingling urge rush over my body, the rain splashing over my back, made me want to scream more. He controls the speed, slowly but deeply moving into me, his balls slapping my thighs. “hmm I need to cum, fuck me hard!” on that note, his pace quickens.

‘Woosshhhh’, the fresh air passed over my arse cheek as his palm slaps me, my body flinched, tightening around his dick. He slaps me again and again and again! Each phase getting harder, The burning of his marks on my skin were shocking, the cold rain cooling me off. He pulls away, pushing me up against the tree, whispering into my ear “ride my dick now!”. He leads me over to the bench, as I look up into the window, his shadow still there, that stranger watching. I could make out slight arm movements and the thought of him wanking over us, sends me into an overdrive that I wasn’t expecting, giving me an extra kick.

Climbing onto Ben’s lap, I lower my tight cave down onto his large throbbing beast. My hand wrapped around his neck, my free hand resting on his knee. He wraps one hand back around my throat “ride me bitch!” was his command.

I move my hips slowly at first, round round up down back and forth, his groans telling me I am hitting the right places. His free hand slips under me, resting on my clitoris, riding his dick and having him playing is what I needed. Leaning back, I let go, taking everything in, Ben’s not really focused on me now, he’s lost in his own world. His hand tightening around my throat, I’m gasping for air!

I look over, towards the stranger, he’s no longer a shadow, his lights are on in his secluded room, he’s naked and in my full view. I can make out the edges to the ripples across his tightened stomach, his hand wrapped around what looks to be a well endowed cock. A free hand pressed up against his balcony door’s glass. Although he’s a at a distance, his smirk is undeniably visible. I bet he’s waiting till we finish! With him giving me his attention and Ben’s body, I’m nearing my end. My body shivering in the dampened cold of the night, senses heightened, I’m ready to let go, be free from this tension!

Without warning, I sit upright, wrapping my arms around Ben’s strong body, my heels digging into the bench, I quicken my pace, I need to unleash myself, I need to feel him cum, I want to hear him groan. No words spoken, we read each others bodies without fail. His hands resting on my hips, thrashing me back and forth, he’s breathing heavier into me. He thrusts up hard, his hand wraps back around my throat, squeezing the energy out of me, I can feel myself cumming now, I’m on the brink of passing out with the tension of his hand. Reaching boiling point, I throw myself back, holding onto him as I slam my body into his dick. The rush rising up from the pit of my tummy, into my throat as I let out a scream. He cums with me, our bodies burnt out from the excitement as we slow down and rest into each others curves.

Settling down in silence, all that can be heard is the thunder, which sums up our evening’s alfresco events. No words needed, they never were between us, this was how it would always be, no one ever the wiser!

I remove myself from his grip, forgetting that I’m naked but that’s how nature intended us to be, we are born that way, after all. He watches my slender curves swerving away from his grip, teasing him. Stepping up onto the patio, I bend down to pick up my soaking wet shorts, when I notice a pair of feet standing before me, that stranger clearing his throat, allowing me to acknowledge that he had actually made his way over!

I’m not sure why I’m always caught off guard but I wish people would give me a warning. “Ang, that was amazing” my husband said to me, whilst waving Ben off who was casually heading towards the garden gate.

You see, Ben fills me with that ‘teenager, first love’ excitement, the feeling you get when you think your parents might catch you. That first kiss, the urge that you need them touching you 24/7. As a woman in her late 30’s, I do really miss that feeling, that wanton woman in her imaginary world, trying to recapture a youth that flew before her eyes. Role play allows me to live the life that Jackie Collins can only write about.

As for my husband, John, well, he just likes to perverse over me being controlled by another man. The thought of watching a neighbor or random strangers going at it, really does get him going. Then there’s Ben, he truly does fit well into our little arrangement, 27, married to a woman who life is committed to a job, starving her man from his sexual needs. She lives in the city 4 nights a week, allowing him to do what he pleases, his little secret keeps him going ‘Naughty neighbors’.

“Let’s just hope that Ben’s wife doesn’t find out our little arrangement, I’d be gutted if she did” John said to me, as the guilty pleasure of his smile told me that he was ready for round 2 but this time it would be behind closed doors and not out in the open.

“Go run us a bath sweetie, I’ll be there in a minute” leaning in as I plant a welcoming kiss on his cheek.

But was John the only one watching us? Turning around, I quickly caught another neighbor’s 19yr old son glaring out the window. Not surprised really, he cuts my bushes once a month for free, great timing as the first time he offered was the morning after the first time our little ‘arrangement’ took place. My husband always said that kid had a thing for me! I seem to recall his hard efforts of flirting. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure he’s watched us a fair few times, I wonder if he got the hint when I lent him ‘The Graduate’ film, last week.

It’s all part of being a female exhibitionist, don’t you not think?